Skin Packs Coming to KI Starting Dec. 6th

Bought them all already on PC. I was glad I finally had something extra to buy and support the game.


Sorry to ask the stupid question - but what are “terror” skins?


Soooooo is Mira’s stage coming along nicely?


Remmeber when Rukkari said stay tuned in the blog? Yep.
#SheIsComing #JoannaDark #PlayKI #SaveTheDream


Please do not attempt to confuse people into thinking this has been confirmed in any way.

This still remains something you want, (which is fine) but is in no way official.


Awesome :>

Honestly I look forward to the upcoming skin packs.

This is the value I was expecting for KI, $1 for a set of 5 colors for each character, and then a total bundle for all characters at an even further discounted price.

KI might be free to play technically, but in order to actually use the colors for your favorite character, you have to buy them, so I don’t really see this content as a way to bolster the free to play thing. I see it the same way as I see costume/color DLC in other paid games, because they are selling it to customers who have paid for KI content.


Yeah these packs are a pretty bad value as they are now. Other Fighters offer better DLC skins for much lower prices.

I mean, look at the Eclipse set for GGXrdR. You get these for the entire cast at only $5.



Those were also free for a limited time too.

Yeah, good point. I was just thinking some might use the F2P thing as justification, but yeah, you still need the character.

I think the Microsoft person behind the gears of war skins is also working on ki. Gears had two characters (which were lazy head swaps of existing characters) for twenty bucks, and they’re currently selling lame weapon skins for $8 each.

Publishers seem to be trying to squeeze more and more out of customers on cosmetic stuff to the point where it’s pushing away a lot of us who never had much issue with the pricing before. I thought the MvC and SF4 outfits were reasonable enough, but the jump in games like SFV and this (if the $5 price stands), and especially games with loot box/gambling DLC, it’s really starting to feel exploitative, and not just optional cool content at a reasonable value.

(Not Surprised)

We’re sure none of you noticed the inclusion of Gold Pack 1, Gold Pack 2, or the Terror Pack skins in the Killer Instinct Store when 3.5 released last week.
(We all noticed them)

Even fewer of you may even have already purchased said skins,
(You just contradicted your selves if you new some of us bought then obviustly we noticed them)

Stay tuned. Seriously. You knew that line was coming.
(god darn it)

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If you guys (meaning @developers) haven’t come up with a terror skin for Gargos yet, might I suggest black skin with yellow cracked skin/smoke effects and black wings…kinda like a more enhanced color 3.

I have to disagree.

Just imagine Fulgore and Riptor color 9 on Gargos

Or Kan-Ra color 9

*runs away screaming with joy

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You mean like Fulgore’s Tron colors?

…well all things considered my suggestion would give off a CLU-like vibe.

Sarcasm, dude.

Skins? They look like colors to me.


Sarcasm is very unprofessional

Yeah they should either be removed or nerfed.