Skin Packs Coming to KI Starting Dec. 6th


@TheKeits told me that’s when we should expect it.


I would assume that once the whole cast has gold skins, then there will be a pack to get all of them for a cheaper amount. The overall price will be more, but it will be less than if you bought each pack on it’s own.


I won’t be buying any of them until we get them for characters that I actually use.


Will we ever be able to buy specific Gold/Terror skins rather than the packs? Or create our own 3 packs lol


He did say they were planning it for 3.6, and I know Rukari likes to mess around a little, but in light of the Omen and Shago incident I’d like to be sure.


Basically, don’t get your hopes up in case it doesn’t come to fruition.


Eh…it wasn’t entirely irrelevant. Aside from the skins the thread is about future updates, and the stagger/flipout part was just a wishlist extension of that.


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Backing into the topic, I really hope that we have a pack with not only the “leaked” characters, but also more included

So, for example, terror skins are not only Mira, Fulgore and Riptor, and also includes a bunch of characters more. All of them together in the same pack, with reasonable price. Not just 3 characters for 5$

Of course, people like @SonicDolphin117 who bought the pack without knowing this, would get the extra characters too.


Considering they posted artwork in the article of the skins in the first Gold pack, I think it’s a safe assumption that this isn’t the case.

If we’re getting more skins, it won’t be in the packs we’ve already seen.


Yeah, they never holded any info to surprise us

Nah, I feel that you are right, but I just want to dream a bit until the last moment


$5 for recolored versions of 3 existing costumes is VERY expensive for the content offered. For comparison, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator has a pack of 5 colors for each character (including a gold one) for $0.99 each and also a pack with them all at a discount. Also, as I mentioned earlier you can get MKX packs of 3-fully-redesigned/remodeled outfits for $4. Not to mention the color-swap community fund outfits for Sub-Zero and Ermac are only $2 each, and those actually are made to give a chunk of proceeds to prize pools.

I get that those games are technically not F2P, but the pricing (we have seen) seems really out of whack here, especially if they can’t be bought with KI gold. I feel like they could lose a lot of good will here, if there’s not a reasonable value here.


Will we be able to unlock gold skins with XP?


I’m probably gonna grab that 1st terror pack (and subsequent ones, because I really like the idea of alternate Color 9s and these actually happen to look really cool. Bonus that I actually like playing the characters they’re on!).
I don’t think I’ll be buying any of the Gold packs,however, until there’s one for characters that I think would look good in it. The only Gold skin I like out of the bunch we got is the Sabrewulf one, and with Color 5 I’ve technically already had it for the last few years. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m excited to see new colors/skins for everyone, and I hope more come out. I’m just waiting to see if any strike my fancy.

Like I said earlier, if you can give us these skin packs for every character (maybe chop the price a tad) this is definitely going to be something I’m getting into. I just want to see it on more dudes I like.