Skin Packs Coming to KI Starting Dec. 6th


Never heard of it, how does it work?


For Virtua Fighter it’s a bit difficult to explain.

Slowing down this vid is highly recommended, but it does have something to do with moving the analog stick around and holding the guard button.


Every move that causes a stagger is breakable with Heavy or occasionally Medium, and there are only a few situations where characters have more than one move that does it. Sabrewulf, Shadow Jago, TJ Combo, Gargos, and RAAM all need to use a Heavy Normal or Heavy Command Normal to get a stagger. The exceptions to the rule are Tusk (who has stagger on Heavy and Medium Punch Normals that have huge tells, as well as his unique Stagger Ender that was recently nerfed), Hisako while she’s in Instinct (who also only uses Mediums and Heavies), and Fulgore/Kan-Ra (who’s staggers are projectiles).

Most of these characters can only utilize staggers as openers or ways to slightly extend their wallsplats. Some barely get any meaningful gain from them at all apart from being able to confirm into certain openers.

If you guys are having trouble dealing with staggers, look for how to deal with them. Find the characters you don’t like fighting who make more liberal use of staggers, then train to recognize how you can defeat them. I get routinely broken when I go for staggers in my combos, so it’s certainly working for my opponents.


In some cases. It depends on how the staggers are coming. Kim launching dragons, for example, you can’t break projectiles. The best example I can think of at the moment would be a Tusk player that just does staggering pokes, not connected. I know there are work-arounds, but when they connect over & over it’s just annoying.

Keep in mind I’m currently at work, so I can’t test anything to confirm or deny my claim.


Well perhaps staggering should be limited to only being done once in a long while during a match.


Or you could learn to break it, just like people have learned to break combos for the rest of the cast. The characters that can make liberal use of staggers either 1)leave themselves wide open for super easy combo breaks, or b) have to spend a lot of resources, such as meter or instinct.

Anyway, this is getting abhorrently off topic.


Calm down, leave Ki as it is. Also this is way off topic. Back to skins please.


Might as well do flag based skins, then I can get a US flag and have American Eyedol.





Funny you use that image, considering the original Eyedol was made in the UK. :wink:


Wrong. He was made in China…



All this silliness makes me want more retro colors too, those costumes need another 3 colors each.


They are an intigrated part of gamepla and character styles now so… no… they will not be removed and I don’t see how they would be changed.


Re: the topic: the new skins look pretty good! I’ll be looking to get that gold Jago and that terror Riptor, as long as the price is right and/or I can obtain them via KI Gold or some other means. I do think that the devs should kick the skin/costume/accessory machine into overdrive, though.

Re: @Infilament: I hope the price comes down, but this does have me a little worried about the viability of cosmetic packs in a game with a much smaller player base than the DOTAs of the world that seem to thrive off of cosmetics sales. I admit that I don’t know nearly enough about game art to run any back-of-the-envelope numbers on this, though.

Re: the Shago/Omen “promise”: careful guys, let’s not turn this into a No Man’s Sky situation. Fans are tempted to take every word that comes out of a dev’s mouth as a “promise” because they reeeeeeeeeeally want the thing that the devs are talking about, but game dev is dynamic and resource-constrained and plans do change, and if you actually want to hear about a game in development then you need to allow for a cetain amount of devs just saying ■■■■ without holding them to the ■■■■ they are saying.


The REAL question is, can we buy these skin packs with KI gold??? I haven’t spent any of my 19,500 because I’ve been waiting for something like this.


I come back and I see talk about removing flipouts and staggers?

You guys crack me up sometimes…


The thread was staggered by some nonsense and fliped out into offtopic



Its just one person though. I think we can skip past that and get back on topic?

Like I said elsewhere, the Gold and Terror skins don’t interest me right now. Maybe something more unique and I’d be all in… 5$ for 5 characters though, 3 seems less. I have hope that they will come, I may just buy the a Gold pack for the Wulf skin and maybe the Terror for Mira because her default outfit in blue colors just looks amazing. It would support the idea too, so extra bonus.

Are you trying to say we shouldn’t expect the changes in 3.6?
I have a feeling this will be your response though.