Skin Packs Coming to KI Starting Dec. 6th


Only one thing to do now, time to take a page from the eyedol fans playbook and continue waiting, ever hoping.


That’s a good rule of thumb. But I do have to apologize for that video slip. Funny thing is that is the exact reason why I am in the room. A lot of my job is how and when we deliver our information, and making sure the misinformation (or leaks - Campbell :rage: ) don’t slip out. Just straight missed that one.




I’m so sad :frowning: I was so excited for shago accessories.


We all were, this is kind of overshadowing my hype for stuff. :cold_sweat:


Golden skulls for yours truly. cue Spinal’s laugh


Then maybe asking directly and promptly is the proper course? Not trying to be mean, but there were tons of posts about this exact thing whenever there was anything official being released.


Makes me think of an interesting question regarding Cinder…what color flame does gold make when it’s burning?

*looks it up via Google

…apparently it doesn’t impart any color change to flame.

Boo periodic table, boo.


Aw too bad for the mixup on omen and shago accessories- but we are all waiting for new ones anyway

Maybe in another year we could look back on this time and laugh because we got so much more in the very near future


Wait, the Tiger guardian is out? What?


I have seen plenty of “we heard it in a stream.” You all do a great job of policing yourselves which is why I figured this was nothing…until an actual video came up! This felt like Shadow Orchid from last year. Where someone mentions a thing we’d love to do, and you all assume it’s coming (also looking at you, PD changes - that stuff takes a lot of time, and who knows if it will happen at all!).


Hopefully they’ll remove staggers and flip-outs in the 3.6 update. Or at least do something about them.


I never expected this… I feel sorry for my friends who love Omen and Shago. :cry:

Nope. It won’t happen… Honestly, I like staggers and flipouts.


I’m getting to where I don’t mind flipouts so much, but Staggers could be toned down a bit, IMHO…not removed, but toned down. It’s just not fun to play against someone that knows how to stagger 2,3, maybe 4 times in a row and you can’t really do much about it after you get hit. You kinda lose the back & forth interaction that makes KI so fun. But that’s just me.


But why?


I don’t mind flip-outs too much but staggers? Yeah, they need to go.


Because it’s fun to me. Staggers is more interests than nothing… Can you explain me why you don’t like that thing?


Like @WrathOfFulgore explained:


Perhaps they should do they same thing Sega did with Staggers in Virtua Fighter 4 and up.

Stagger Recovery.


What do you mean? You still can break the hits for the most part and if you can’t then it’s not adding up to much on its own. I particularly like staggers it allows for creative stuff.