Skin Packs Coming to KI Starting Dec. 6th

I’d just be happy with new accessory packs if we can’t have more full costumes.

If we can use KI gold that’s awesome if we can only use money I’ll be disappointed.

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Can you use KI gold to buy characters and accessories? If so, you probably can use it. If that’s the case I’ll be glad I kept every last coin this whole time, I always said I was saving it for REAL content.

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You can use it for accessories but not for characters. And not for “premium” accessories.

I suspect you won’t be able to use KI gold for the new skin packs but we will see.

That’s a shame, you’d think since KI gold is just pre-paid in-game currency bought with real cash that it would be used for buying any in-game content.

That was the case before the game started to give out KI gold as daily rewards…

Fifty cents in KI gold isn’t going to ruin the economy.

Yeah, I have mixed feelings about all that. I don’t think they should be giving “real money” as a daily reward, but no one force them to do that. But I HATE having these multiple different currencies going on. I have KI Gold, and Shadow Points and real money and whatever the unlock requirements are for the mimic skins… It’s getting to be too much like work to keep track of all of it.


KI gold shouldn’t even exist, it an extra pointless step. Want to get some boosters? Buy gold, then buy bosters. Instead of just buying boosters. Its a pointless system that only serves to make you dissociate the monetary cost of the things you’re buying, just like “Microsoft points” that they retired. Paying 800 points for a DLC sounds more appealing than spending $10.

Pls make terror Cinder black with flame aura.


we can only speculate on how these pack will be obtainable. as such, would it be fair to use MS IP’s as kind of a vague answer?
games with cash for unlocks
halo 5 (random unlocks)
forza 6
forza horizon
gears 4 (you can unlock top teir stuff at level 4)
recore (not sure)
rise of the tomb raider

not a lot to go on, I know but the trend would indicate it’s better to charge cash upfront for unlocks. IG might want to make these unlocks more prestigious my earning them but thats only for color 9’s. everything else might just be the icing on the cake paid with cash. just a quick ramble while I smoke :wink:

These skin packs are so lazy and uninspired… How can MS/IG think we could ever get excited for suff like this? Game’s getting stagnant… I hope that after this long period of calm we get some really exciting news (hopefully at KI cup instead of waiting for next E3). In the meanwhile it wouldn’t hurt to get some real new costumes instead of meh looking recolors.

Man I really wished this game had a proper budget :frowning:

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For all we know the sales of these packs could help fund season 4, ultimates or season 3 stages…


heres hoping… that and maybe support the tournament fund

what are you talking about the Terror skins look Amazing and I’m really excited for the Gold Skins it Reminds me of KI2 oh the nostalgia.


the game had a proper budget this season but they blew their whole wad on relighting for the engine that they massacred in season 2. in a perfect world I’d be nice that we didn’t have to experience that deficit but here we are. only speaking for my self but these recolors will be the first DLC content that I refuse to purchase. as the value is lacking. IG knows what quality is. look at tusks stage and Kim wu. they know it’s lackin, but I assume their hands are tied.

my biggest complaint is that it’s better to release nothing than low quality content as it becomes an eyesore compared to content done well. before you know it KI is full of inconsistency and that’s kinda where it is now. they’ll never go back and touch it up and if they do it will never look as good as completely redoing it.

Personally, I see a lot of what’s being released as kind of sub-par, but I’m still glad to be getting something. That said, I’m also hoping against hope that all of this is sub-par because it’s giving the devs far more time to build up to something far greater and that will knock our socks off! Devs, do not disappoint!


Indeed be cool to get a Riptor gold skin. I honestly wold of liked a truely red color though

AW MAN! :scream:

…I didn’t think I could possibly be this oblivious!

In my excitement at realizing that the gold skins released today, I went into the game to unlock them only to find…

…wait for it…

That you have to buy them at $4.99, and only for 3 characters.

Say, what?

For some reason, despite the fact that it was blatantly stated in the news article AND discussed here on the forums a multitude of times, in my excitement for new options it never truly occurred to me that I’d have to buy it myself.

I thought there would be a way to unlock them, like with the shadow and mimic skins.

I don’t want to buy 3 measely skins for $5! Maybe 5 for 5, but not 3! This leaves me feeling very disappointed and ridiculous… :disappointed:

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I bought them. Trust me you aren’t missing much but I wanna support the game

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