Should I give my feedback

I am wondering should I give my whole Feedback on Killer instinct, The devs have always said we love the feedback we want to hear what you want to say we want to hear what the community has to say but do they really? Not all Feedback is positive some can be Negative but every time someone said something negative about the game the rest of the community will jump on that person accusing them of hating on the game and its not just the community but the monitors and devs do the same thing they will say this is not constructive and some people will get straight up banned from the forums just for giving feedback and it’s discouraging to say anything so should I give my feedback?


You should give feedback, just make sure it’s constructive and…a little more readable.


This part of this sentence should tell you everything you need to know and is a good place to start from. Using words like “I hate” and throwing accusations like “the devs are stupid for including x” will likely get you nowhere. Also I’d consider contributing to existing threads rather than making new ones with very little “meat” behind them to discuss the points you wish to talk about, not everything is important enough to need an entire new thread, or needs a separate thread which is similar to existing threads which already have thriving conversations going on inside them.


As long as it’s smart, civil, and constructive do as you wish

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when you give feed back, you have to be thick skinned because people will disagree with you. If you can live with that, ham on. This a forum, that means anyone can agree/disagree with anything you say and everything is an opinion from your expeirence and not truth. So long as you keep that in mind and it’s useful feedback go for it.

Keep in mind, I don’t think the devs will listen to feedback that’s just rambling and ranting or something vague like “KI needs to be more footsie based” etc.

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I ALWAYS said that here.

They just don’t accept.

I don’t think that anyone making suggestion is hating on the game. And that’s the whole reason why this site exists. I can understand your concern for negative or condescending feedback. But you shouldn’t have to worry about what your feelings are in this game along with anyone else. I think that what you mentioned with the developers is what matters. If you have a great idea, post it. At least you know they won’t criticize it and consider it. If you never posted it then your idea may have never have happened. If you want a say on your idea then post it.

You absolutely should give your feedback. The caveats are that you shouldn’t expect everyone, or anyone in some cases, to agree with you, that you need to structure your feedback constructively and maturely to be taken seriously and that you can’t expect good discussion if you are complaining over and over and over again about something. Discussing a problem once or twice and relevantly mentioning it in other threads is fine. Making a complaint your only talking point in repeated threads just makes people wonder why you’re even here in the first place if you’re that unhappy with what the game is. It’s the main reason most people don’t care for LCD anymore.

I think people also need to understand it’s okay to stop playing a game if you aren’t enjoying it. Sure, make your case and fight for it. But if the developers are going in a different direction and the community at large is liking it, it just may not be for you. For instance, some people keep making a lot of vague complaints about KI and saying it should be more like SFV (they aren’t explicitly saying SFV, but the things they’re calling for would turn KI into a SF clone). At some point, they should just give SFV a try, if they haven’t already, and maybe move on if that game fits them more.

It’s what I did after paying MKX for about a year. I realized the only thing I liked about NRS was Injustice and that their MK games were dogsh** to me, with no amount of changes or adjustments salvaging my opinion. I hopped ship to KI and it was the best decision of my gaming life. Now I’m not unhappy playing a game I don’t actually enjoy and providing feedback that isn’t going anywhere and people who enjoy it don’t have to deal with a hater masquerading as a fan because I was too stubborn to move on.


You should but it’s your decision at the end of the day. Just be sure to be civilized and make your complaints constructive without hammering the devs with insults and baseless accusations out of the blue.

People keep posting this stuff like it’s a mystery.

If you want to post your “feedback” in the form of an angry irrational rant and then expect people to only agree with you and treat you like the snowflake you are, then do us all a favor and keep it to yourself.

If you are interested in engaging in conversation with people - with the understanding that not everyone needs to agree with you, then by all means please share your feedback.

I’m not sure what life experience people have where they think they should be able to walk into a room and yell “wow this place sucks!” And expect everyone in the room to agree with them cheerfully. Smh.


Lot’s of good points made here already. I’ll just add a few things that I’ve noticed.

Tone carries a lot of weight in threads, as it should (arguably). If you’re negative, whiny, disparaging to the devs, or making completely irrational demands, you’re going to get responses that tend to pay attention to these aspects far more than the actual content of your message, which shouldn’t be something you want, unless you’re just trolling. I wouldn’t assume that about you since you started this thread.

Same goes for repeating yourself over and over again. Sure, a comment here and comment there outside of a thread, as was mentioned above, is no big deal. But if you do it too much, and people become well aware of how much you’re spamming a topic and your opinion on it, expect to get some push back or frustration from people.

Now when I say negative above… I don’t want that construed as a synonym to “critical.” It’s not. Some people are under the illusion that they’re being attacked simply for “telling it like it is” or for simply speaking up and having an opinion. This simply isn’t the case 95% of the time.

You can be critical of something, you can critique it and talk about your likes and dislikes and be informative; explaining why something works or doesn’t work that goes beyond “it’s just my opinion” or some other hyper-defensive reaction. That type of post starts a conversation or continues it, and you’ll find people eager to talk with you.

People won’t always agree with you, of course, but you’re far less likely to have a thread full of trash comments attacking you for this reason or that. But pure negativity? “This is garbage” or “this game sucks now” or “the devs are lazy” or whatever? That breeds negativity.

Try and be positive, constructive and informative. I’m not saying every post has to be rainbows and sunshine or a giant wall like mine tend to be, not by any means. But understand the difference between a small critique or something with a little critical analysis and dropping a giant turd on the forum, not so cleverly masquerading as “truth.”

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To complain here you must act like you are talking with children.

You need to explain carefully word by word, be careful to not scare them, and hide your true feelings behind florid statements.

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Or, you know talk in a constructive manner and don’t get upset when people disagree with you : >


It’s not my case, sorry.


Absolutely, give it a go. Just make it respectful, constructive and readable.

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Any problem pal?
Be direct and serious does not means offensive or lack of argument.

See, but there’s a difference between constructive criticism and destructive criticism and why many people prefer the former to the latter, edgy, “telling it like it is” option.

One of them tends to be informative, generates positive and compelling discussion / debate that can ultimately lead to both an interesting conversation, which most of us are here for to begin with, as well as possibly providing useful feedback from a place of understanding and maturity. The last part is nice since many of us here are in our 30’s and not really looking for a constant stream of drama.

The other tends to spread negativity, usually involves whining, complaining, baseless “look at me” ranting, defensiveness, arguing that tends to derail the topic, bashes people either in the thread or developing the game and can very easily devolve into cluster**** of a thread that gets closed.

If you’re an average fan that wants to talk about this game, which environment would you rather talk about a game in, the former or the latter?

You seem to think that no one else here gets frustrated by creative decisions or bugs or the the lack of funding and promotion this game gets or any other number of pet peeves that can drive a person to hammer out a long-winded diatribe here.

Thing is, if that’s all this place was, just a swirling toilet bowl of hot takes and rage, not only would most people want to leave, the developers would probably want to leave as well, and no one wants that.

So yes, I try to see the whole picture, even when I don’t know it. I try to see both sides of an issue, even when I’m strongly in favor of one side. I also try to keep perspective so I’m not losing my ■■■■ over something that’s not all that important in the grand sceme of things.

I also try to speak like I’d want to be spoken to, especially if I was working my ■■■ off on making this game for an audience that can be more than a little demanding or fickle at times. I try to do all that because I like this place, I like the people here, the devs that take the time to talk with us as well as the ones that don’t.

I like this game and I want to talk about it, and I’d prefer to do that in an environment where everyone didn’t think I was a whiner, a malcontent or just an all around tool who should be avoided at all costs.

To me, that’s how this community tends to work, and I kinda like that. Sorry if that puts you off though. Not telling you to go anywhere by any means, but if you want a place that you feel like you could speak your mind more, maybe check out the Facebook group? I’ve never been there myself, but I’ve heard people there are less “restrained” so…


Man, look that wall… Be more objective, to the point…

“objective” and “to the point” are not the same. It generally helps if you stay within your limits of understanding of the English language.

If you want to make this thread a referendum on you, see my post above, since it applies perfectly. Pretty much everything you say is angry and insulting and then your little feelings get hurt when people respond to your posts the way they deserve. Then you accuse everyone ELSE of being too sensitive and complain about the forums. Meanwhile no one is forcing you to come here.