Should Eyedol be in season 3 (POLL)

Even better, as it would move him away from Jago’s Instinct! Although I do wonder what his Instinct would be then…

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I voted no because I thought that both him and gargos being in the game is pretty much the same character filling the same role. They both had nearly identical move sets. As for which one I’d prefer of the two, I am more partial to gargos because I played KI Gold much more than KI1. Just my opinion, but I don’t think that Eyedol was a main stay of KI. He isn’t exactly a iconic boss on the level of Bison or Akuma, the Mishima family in Tekken.

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… Instinct, give Eyedoll his projectile vomit here. Give some property like “Acid Touch” where blocking will lead to white damage growing while there is just a little bit of chip damage. An unblocked hit confirms half of current white damage.
Meaning, it’s sorta like Maya’s projectile pressure. Blocking leads to built up damage potential while getting hit prevents attacks but does very little damage with spammed hits.

Give Eyedoll no leg attacks and make the inputs left and right hand.

Combo Trait… All Manuals are 2-hits, all Autos are 4-hits. Manuals have an AD look to their execution but follow the manual rules. Autos can be chained from one strength to another for the 3rd hit to change up the animation/Breaking inputs.
Meaning, if I tap an Auto-Quad instead of landing a Manual, the Auto will be a repeated animation of the original button used. If I tap one of the other strength buttons during the first 2-hits of the Auto, I change up the strength and therefore mix-up the Breaker inputs.

The kind that… don’t care for Eyedol?

What’s wrong with them? Eyedol is first final boss in KI!

They… have their own tastes?

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.


Not even that close. Same role? sure they obviously had the same role over the span of the series as the final boss, but THAT is where it ends.

The only two moves I think they even shared was healing taunts and upper-cuts. But that’s not something to argue since almost everybody else has an uppercut in KI1 and KI2 anyway. (If it knocks someone into the air it’s an uppercut plain and simple even if it’s a kick or sword attack it still counts in the same role)

The healing taunt for either one was repeated simply because it was one of the traits that made them a more difficult boss to fight. Other than the uppercut and healing move this is where their similarities end. Especially since Gargos can shot fire from the air, and fly. Eyedol will charge at you.

in KI3 I can see their moves being tweaked a bit so they are even more unique. Also those other final bosses you mentioned are bosses in their own game and I don’t think that should dictate whether Eyedol gets in or not.

Besides I think they can be even more uniqe. Gargos is clearly the final boss so Eyedol may not be one but he doesn’t have to be a final boss to mean anything. In his story Eyedol could maybe be an underling of Gargos waiting for his chance at the throne. There’s another story they can go at but that’s one example. Eyedol can also be faster than Gargos but not quite as strong in damage output. Gargos could have the ability to fly like in the other games and lord knows what else IG can do for Gargos.

Though unlike the other folks here I do not really feel any need to commit physical harm to the 13% simply because they have an opinion I disagree with. : >

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That is patently false.

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OK, I’ll bite.

Can you explain to me how one cannot be a fan of something without enjoying every single aspect of it?

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I’ll just keep doing my thing then.

so the type of fans that arnt real fans at all ok then make sence you have to love all of KI to be a real fan no matter how stupid you think something is you dont like eyedol you aint a real fan then

So, by that logic, as someone who’s been very vocal about not enjoying the fact that ‘Killer Instinct’ is rated Teen as opposed to Mature, then you yourself are not a fan, correct?

Man, you sure spend a lot of time and effort on something you apparently don’t even like, Moon.

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I am pretty sure you are making the rules up as you go…

I appreciate the fact that I won’t have to worry about bodily harm. Though I think that like you eluded, that if both the characters are changed up from each other then it will be easier to add them story wise. I don’t remember too much of the story line of the original KI cause I only played the arcade version and I never beat the game. I did rent KI Gold on the 64 enough times that I might have well have owned it so I am much more attached to Gargos than Eyedol. As you said, their moves were simular, they had maybe a couple of things that set them apart. Gargos was more difficult cause you had to launch him in order to kill him off. In the end, if eyedol makes it, I am sure IG will do a good enough job to make me say, man I was wrong, he deserves to be in this game, but don’t expect me to shed any tears if he doesn’t make it. Also I am still a pretty big fan of the franchise even though I don’t care if Eyedol does or doesn’t make it in. I think leaving Orchid or Jago out of the game would be a much bigger “sin” than leaving out Eyedol.

@M00NLightNinja and @Marbledecker That’s not such a possibility. If it was I wouldn’t be a “true” KI fan because I don’t like KI2 as much as I do the other games : P

case in point. Everyone is free to like what they like. This is NOT I repeat NOT a place to talk about what it means to be a “true fan” personally, anyone who made up that “term” probably made that so they can make it seem like they’re more credible than anyone else. That word should not of been made in the first place.

Now back to talking about Eyedol.

I will agree that Gargos was indeed harder. But seeing as this was a new KI. If all the others can return why not Eyedol? I think the devs can do alot with these characters.


I think that would lead to the most broken character of all time. Though it might work out cause Hisako does have the ability to delay her AD timing, but I think being able to change the AD in the middle of it is too much. Then its just guessing even on Meds and Heavys, and you don’t want that.