Should Eyedol be in season 3 (POLL)

I know there’s already a thread about Eyedol being in season 3 but I thought it’d be interesting to see what the actual numbers were from the community. So, should Eyedol be in Killer Instinct season 3?

  • Yes
  • Yes but only as an NPC or briefly mentioned
  • No

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I won’t get my hopes up, But yes everyone should get a chance in the new KI

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Yes please. I love Eyedol, I love giant/big characters like him, Aganos, Hugo(SF), Tager(Blazblue)…

He is part of KI legacy, and given the exellent work Iron galaxy did with Cinder(A new and fresh design, but also a 100% perfect retro costume for his original self), I expect something like that for Eyedol. A modern design and a old fashioned retro

Yeah, he should be.
The original was a horrible mess.
But i know he could be made into something awesome.

He is the main thing I remember about KI and my first fighting game boss rage! I still remember tossing my snes controller in frustration with him lol

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Of course he should, if the ever so generic KI 2 originals Kim and Tusk are coming back it would be a crime not to include the big baddie himself, Eyedol. I mean if MKX can make room for Goro of all people, KI can squeeze our favorite boss monster in too.

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I think he should return as well but I know the Adam Isgreen has mentioned many times on his own struggles to redesign the character to look good and appropriate for this new world of KI.

And while were on the subject of Mortal Kombat, Goro and even Kintaro came back but Motaro has pretty much been left in the void because of the difficulty in getting him to fit the play style of the new MK games (because of his 4 legs). This sounds eerily familiar to the problems with Eyedol and I fear he might suffer the same fate. At least they gave Motaro a cameo in MK 2011.

The difference is though, Motaro was changed because his actual design was problematic to gameplay being a centaur and all. Eyedol still walks on two legs and his oddities are purely cosmetic, so the only problem they could have would be deciding on his looks, not actually functionality like Motaro. In the old forums we had a huge thread about Eyedol and Adam frequented it, I think he knows that we want a two headed cyclops in-game. We even presented him with examples that he liked, I’m sure they’ll do right by the character in the end.

He had also said that the satyr legs were kind of so-so, I’m sure they could remove them and still have two heads remaining loyal to the original spirit of the character.

Only if his Instinct is his Hoof Stomp letting him regain health. I want authentic Eyedol, dammit!


I loved the stomp and the grunts he made with it. Brings back memories of getting completely cheaped out.

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I don’t care what his part is in the game, whether he’s a major part in the story or just a bonus character. If he’s in the game and fully playable I’ll be happy.

I really want Eyedol back. I personally like him better than Gargos. So while I understand the difficulties with redesigning him and all, they’ve done so well with the other characters that its hard for me to imagine they have no good ideas both in terms of design and gameplay. So I’m really really hoping for his return this season.

As much as I want Eyedol to return this season I don’t think he will.

Yes, I think he should be the sub-boss while Gargos is the true boss. His sub-boss version will have more damage output, but the playable version could have more balanced output & moves. Same goes for Gargos.

@TempusChaoti had a great post on this topic in the old forums but they’re not accessible yet. I will not attempt to paraphrase it.

My feelings are as such:

  • The original design was goofy looking and goofy sounding.
  • They’d have to redesign him significantly in order to bring him up to the level of the new awesomeness
  • The changes they’d have to make would likely be enough of a departure from the original design that it would alienate the fans who wanted him back in the first place.

Pretty much this.

I’d love to see them try, but the chances that the character could look ridiculous or be so different that Eyedol fans hate him is likely not a small percentage. I still voted yes, but not without reservations.

Yup. I remember that as well. That’s kind of why I had the option to have Eyedol as a walk on cameo rather than a playable character because I could see them doing that instead of a playable redesign. I still want him in and the results are heavily leaning in that direction but this is just a forum poll and I know it doesn’t have magical powers. It’s mostly for fun but I guess you never know who’s paying attention and what they might take away from it.

I’m really glad you added that option, because it allowed me to cast a vote! :grinning:

Not a problem. Simple yes and no polls can be quite limiting.

How do you create a poll