Shin Hisako Tech Thread


Not Steam, Xbox One.


Ah I see, ok. I tested on my Win10 version just to be sure and no crash there (in offline training mode). Seems like it’s only on Xbox, hopefully you can track it down.


I have not encountered a crash selecting Shinsako at the training mode screen nor playing full on exhibition matches. Of note, I am also on Xbox. The regular one, not the X to clarify. And the exhibition matches (2) were against a Steam platform user.


What skin are you using for her? Just out of curiosity.


It was her default skin and color.


Is this recent? Like since this morning’s update?


I tested it for giggles after reading about this glitch, actually. That was probably the second time I’d booted up KI since the patch was downloaded.



I’ve heard other people say it’s crashing on Win10 for them (it didn’t crash for me, although I only tried once on Steam and once on Win10), so it must be related to the account itself? Perhaps something to do with how Shin Hisako was bought/acquired on the account?


Seems to be costume-related, as long as there’s nothing equipped, Shin Hisako is selectable.

Can’t de-select anything from her though as even highlighting her in the store will also cause a crash, again if there was something previously equipped.


Uh here more tech in these dark times. I was going to post these with videos today but sadly shinko has been temporarily hakai’d. Im going off memory so if you are able to test these and find corrections feel free to tell me.

back throw safe jump
using the orb off of a throw Shinko can do a low to the ground safejump for safe effective offense. Might not work on forward throw based on character.
{backthrow,cr.MK framekill, ascension (dash),j.MP}

forward throw crossup/kookiness
Due to a bunch of variables that I dont have a strong grasp on dashing after a forward throw can make shinko screwy and sometimes the screwyness is neat and allows for suprise crossups. It can crossup these characters (GLACIUS,ORCHID,SPINAL,THUNDER,WULF, TJ,AGANOS,CINDER,ARIA, TUSK,ARBY,RASH,GARGOS,RAM,EYEDOL ). It is character specific and precise on occasion so it isnt something that should be in the front of your mind.

vid of it on glacius!AvQ2T_HHbT0yafIbGWC5YXS4S1k

HKD ender safejump
Simple safejump to start an offense off of her HKD ender
{HKD ender, fwd Jump,j.HK}

Lvl 1 splat ender kookiness
Dashing after a throw can both make reversal invincible specials whiff and make delayed invincible special attempts have weird inputs (Like Dping Gargos H Reckoning).Char specific. Maybe works on higher ender lvls and far HK

ORZ manuals after wallsplat
Shinko can manual light and medium Shin On Ryo Zan 1st hit after and then special chain into Greed Sever to stagger (H greed sever will not combo from Light SORZ but any version of greed sever will combo from M SORZ) in low KV situation. This seems neat but I dont have any idea what this implies/what mixups I can do off of this

M awakened soul orb jump
here is a way to land orb and be super advantaged.
{M DP, Towards orb, fwd jump j.HK or neutral jump j.MK}

M awakened soul left right “the Tokie-doke”
This setup was super sick and Im literally angry right now knowing I cant do this to someone at the moment. The setup was

{M awakened soul, dash, delay towards orb (to keep it low to the ground), instant to stay same side OR delay it slighty to crossup}!AvQ2T_HHbT0yaoTjogPAIsgPmCE!AvQ2T_HHbT0ya4wucvsKP1ymkNo

it was so ambiguious. It left shinko vaguely advantaged but not by a ridiculous amount and I think it messed with inputs. It was weak to projectile invul moves and some reversals


Safejump of throw that doesn’t use orb
{throw,Cr.LK,Neutral Jump, J.MP}

This safejump can beat slow reversals(in theory it can beat 6 frame reversals but that requires frame perfect timing so ¯ \ _ (ツ)_/¯ ) and non horizontally inclined reversals (Heavy Tigers Fury doesn’t reach and “non horizontally inclined” isn’t a phrase associated with Heavy Tigers Fury). You can opt to framekill with st.LP for really slow reversals like puddle punch or emergence but its too slow to beat 7f reversals assuming you are hitting everything as fast as possible. Also you can jump forward on slow reversals.

P.S. would it be better for me to update the post above with new things i find or make a different reply for new things

P.P.S. i rly like tec


Dunno if this has been posted before, but I was playing around with Shin Hisako in the lab and found that her spirit orb projectile changes angles depending on its height when popped by her medium & heavy DP.

What’s particularly interesting is that if it’s very high up (almost off-screen), the X-slash projectile will shoot diagonally toward the ground like if you hit it with j.MP. Seems with the right spacing it can cover her reversal on whiff from above, or make her shadow reversal safe (possibly advantaged) on block as long as the opponent doesn’t have meter for a projectile-invincible move. (Though even then, they may not be able to make a grounded punish.)


Imagine if shin hisako had a flip out lol :grin::thinking:


Jesus dude… are you trying to give me a panick attack !!! :scream:

But in all seriousness though… knockdowns give her time to summon the Orb and give her good setplay (maybe alil too good)…

What would you want to do with a Flipout in situations where you don’t already have the orb and in instances you do have the orb out ?


It does sound a little nuts lol but I was dabbling with her yesterday and thought: ‘hey give her flipout’ lol. But all kidding aside maybe it would be to much but it would be fun lol


All Broken Things are fun… I mean just look at Mirra. :wink:


I don’t know if I mentioned this already… but the command for Shinsako’s Spirit Orb Summon in the command list is not entirely accurate… specifically for the Moving Orb.

The forward motion must be inputted AFTER pressing All 3 Punches… pressing it before and letting go too soon will cause the orb to remain in place. Unfortunately I don’t know the exact point when the forward input is Valid… I’ve been making do by just holding forward until the orb is all the way out.

This causes me to walk forward alil… just need to time it better.


2 things and 1 opinion

1 Shin hisako can late cancel light slice so that it un-blockstrings(hits as a tick). This is possible off of (doesn’t need to be late canceled),, Light shin on ryo zan. Also from far out st.hp xx L SORZ xx L Slice is works but its too linear to not be solely a gimmick.

2 has a very generous cancel window and because of that you can unblockstring SORZ (& l slice as mentioned earlier but that has too much of a margin for error+consequence for doing it wrong to be used wantonly like SORZ). So its gives shin a laura st.HP into EX clap like frame trap where you can discourage people from mashing or fidgeting after cr.MK and then go for fake stuff (ex: cr.MK,st.MK or,dash HK)once the fear of getting hit with rekka attempting to challenge after has been established. L SORZ is the tightest frame trap having a 3 frame cap at latest cancel and is -2 which give shin a lot of wiggle room to disrespect opponents who try to check Shin after the rekka. M/H SORZ are more minus, ends her turn more substantially and but they are useful for catching backdash or block a bit then jump back. Know that rekka 1st hit doesn’t have enough active frames to ever catch backdash AND jab at the same time.

Shin played as a frame trappy, priority abusing, grounded footsies jerk is a underrated playstyle IMO. It requiring a lot of work and theory to put into effect but it would be harder to shut out compared to extremely dashy Shin Hisakos and Orb heavy shin hisakos. Writing this feels like a obvious take but I never see players play her like such. :man_shrugging:



After any light linker/any light or medium AD, the lvl 1 version of spirit slice ender can un combo. This can be used as a reset option that can potentially score Shin a HKD. I think it is pretty neat.