Shin Hisako Tech Thread


How about you just block them and when you have the oppurtunity, just walk forward a bit to move closer slowly? You don’t actually have to do anything risky.


Why would you do that? Be more patient, if all he’s trying to do is jump away, walk him down to the corner. Shinsako’s orb projectiles are Godlike against almost any other projectile (You can clear all 3 Hails from Glacius with one firebal, for example). Its better to go for a the QCB punch in combo, as an ender or with an orb as a meaty. Watch some of Charbok’s gameplay in the two Group Sets against GutterMagic, its early days but he’s still got some nice setups.


Heres something that might help the zoner struggle. Her shadow cross up slice isn’t projectile invincible, however frames 5-9 of it have Shisako really low to the ground, so low that she’ll go right under projectiles if you space it right. It goes under Jago’s fireball, Shago’s fireballs, Fulgore’s fireballs and heavy laser, goes under hail until it starts bouncing but since you can on reaction punish the hail summon with this move there’s no point in waiting that long, dodges Maya’s daggers, Omen’s fireballs (depending on which one he got), Aganos’ chunk toss, Aria’s bass body medium beam, Arbiters gun (has to be done way too premptively to be useful though), and dodges/punishes portal punches.

Also, sweep low profiles most of those projectiles as well and moves Shisako forward a few inches so if someone like Shago is hardcore zoning you then you can sweep your way in until they realize zoning isn’t going to work.

Oh, and her shadow counter is projectile invincible. Probably a bug left over from Hisako’s shadow counter but it’s there.


How can I find that?


Just pause the action after the shadow freeze, and advance frame by frame


I just don’t find much you can do with Shin Hisako’s overheads that isn’t telegraphed blatantly. Like doing her low hitting normals to her light over head doesn’t even combo on hit vs say other low into high so it’s not like you can do

THROW>jump and whiff a air normal>meaty of your choice.

with a and make them respect because downback blocks it all normals and if you do cancelled into light overhead that can be hit out of.

Also HKD ender as a meaty jump if you just jump in the air right way and hit hp/hk.


Instinct can make your counterbreaks kinda safe?


They removed that now (it was a bug so that’s not an issue) AND her Exchange ender does not HkD anymore :rage::rage::rage::rage:


Oh so they DID take that out. I was wondering why I couldn’t land that exchange ender into low orb double cross up set up.

Any one have theories on her gameplan? Where is she strongest? Her cool juggle stuff sucks on damage and higher level players don’t really fall for air onryo or the strike through move :confused:


Hello ?

LoL… Looks like nobody decided to stick it out with Shin Hisako. Which is a shame because I’m really starting to warm up to her.

Spirit Orb is awesome… need to find more ways of getting it out safely… particularly on defense. That back dash seems like it might be the way to go.

Edit: oh and one other thing: How do you input the Spirit Orb to get the type you want… I noticed that :arrow_right: :fist::fist::fist: doesn’t always give me the moving Spirit Orb unless I hold down :arrow_right:

So how do you guys do it ?


Spirit orbs move? I didnt know there were different versions?


She is tough to main because you have to play a very patient and solid style in a game with a bunch of wacky mobility characters. She is cool though.

Definitely always hold forward if you want that moving orb or it won’t come out


Yeah, holding forward releases one that crawls forward slowly, standard press keeps it in the same place you summoned it.


WOW I never knew that! I cant wait to try it!
Thanks guys!


So this might be poor timing considering the March 7th patch reportedly has a bug that makes the game crash any time you select Shin Hisako but I found a neat gimmicky interaction with crossup orb toss. This seems like it could be used for left right mixups but it is also on the slow side so ymmv. Doing this on M Awakened Soul means ShinKo is advantaged enough to use a meaty attack, doing this off sweep is evenish and doing it off HKD ender is highly minus.!Apzrbyt1GZuBhF_8PIdXQhNoMjbr


Unfortunately yes. We’re looking into it.


Aww man I had a feeling this would happen. Owell… Im sure the team will fix it quick! Im just really glad the 4K frame rate has been fixed.


On the other hand, @rukizzel was just able to play a match with her without crashing sooooo…test again? Maybe?


I’m able to pick Shin Hisako in training mode on Steam without a crash (I got into training mode and did some moves for about 10 seconds). But I dunno when the crash is supposed to happen.


What would happen to my system (Xbox One Vanilla) is that I would pick shin hisako, the announcer would say her name and then the game would crash before loading her model.