Shin Hisako Tech Thread


Shinsako’s kick doubles are a bit faster than her punch ones, so you should stick to those most of the time. As for linkers, here’s what you need to remember:

ORZ is the fastest light linker, but prohibitively slow on the medium/heavy ones.

Spirit slice is the fastest linker on the medium/heavy versions.

Air ORZ is…just don’t. You’ll need it for some non-lockout situations due to spirit slice leaving her a bit far away off certain moves, but it scales per-hit and is slow on the light version, making it a bad choice for damage.

For her shadow linkers:

ORZ is the highest damage, but is quite slow.

Spirit slice is the fastest, but switches sides.

Air ORZ does the same damage as spirit slice while keeping the same side, but is slow to start up.

For counterbreaker combos:


Shinsako does a bit more damage spending meter on her counterbreakers if she switches sides, but the meterless version is always the same:

0 meter: HK double, LP ORZ linker, HK double, LP ORZ linker, HK double, DP ender (47%)

Keeping the same side:

1 meter: HK double, LP ORZ linker, HK double, shadow ORZ, DP ender (52%)

2 meter: HK double, LP ORZ linker, HK double, shadow ORZ, shadow DP ender (57%)

Switching sides:

1 meter: HK double, HP spirit slice linker, HK double, shadow spirit slice, DP ender (53%)

2 meter: HK double, HP spirit slice linker, HK double, shadow spirit slice, shadow DP ender (58%)


You get safe counter breakers in instinct. They either eat the grab or jump to avoid it but miss their punish.

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Totally bugged. Sometimes the hands even catch me in the air. lol.

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Here’s a warning of sorts. If there’s an orb near someone don’t DP them. If your dp hits the orb it’ll hit them and cause a shorter knockdown meaning they stand up in time to punish your DP. I was hoping to find cool upward orb juggles and instead found the opposite.


Something I’m wondering about for Shinsako, are juggles worth it? I know they’re possible but with a low damage output and a strong mixup game, will using shadow for juggles be worth it or should it just be saved for shadow counters and lock outs?

Juggles after launcher ender will never be worth it because her setplay is just so strong, but after something like a spirit slice launch or an anti-air, I’d say spending a bar is worth it if you get to a level 2 ender. She’s not super meter reliant for other parts of her gameplan so spending meter mostly on damage is fine.


So, is there any reason to leave an orb attached to someone? Every time i land a grab i just set out my own orb for a meaty fireball mix up which removes their attached orb.

It makes people cautious to zone you knowing the overhead could be coming at any moment, but other than that if you’re pretty confident in landing your mixup, I’d say stick with that. Another bonus of the orb attaching to Fulgore players in particular is that it lets you know exactly where he’s teleporting.

If the orb is stuck to them and they jump, Shadow spirit slice will track them in the air.

Not super useful, since you can’t follow up with anything, but it’s technically a full screen anti-air, which can help clutch out a match.

See, but both those things entail letting them get away after I’ve grabbed them. Why would I do that when I have you knocked down right in front of me?

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I’ve been mucking w/ Shin for a couple of days, and I’ve been taking a way less scientific approach to this character than others I muck about with, so forgive the loose ends - I like using throw into INSX, then avoiding H specials and fwd.dash unless I feel certain to connect. It doesn’t necessarily help Hands connect, but it helps create a situation where SOMETHING connects, and I think that’s sorta the point of her INSX (to help creating a no-win situation). More often than not it ascertains a hit w/ H.Hop chasing a jumpback, which gives hella opportunities. That ground bounce is just about as good as Launcher Ender.

I still haven’t scienced out a (or any) proper no-win, but hot damn does that spirit tag w/ Hands incoming create a stressful situation.

Also, how do the masses feel about sweep>f.orb>M.Iaijutsu? I’ve been getting some mileage out of it, and it doesn’t feel true, it looks sorta easy to block, but you can mix-up the Fireball placement by using n.Orb instead (which starts a little farther out, closer to the opponent). The former has a tendency to entice a punish, and I can often punish the punish by picking up the combo off Fireball w/ quickstand>st.MPxx, while the latter seems like it connects outright more often, which provides a quick cashout via cr.LK x EX.DP. Not sure what beats it, other than maybe blocking it out? I feel like I should science it more, but I’m having too much fun just freewheeling and learning not to do stuff that I get hit for.

im enjoying her oki game, those fireball set ups are really fun and after you program the opponent to block low after your jump over them with the fireball on approach, you can just do the air on ryo with LK and ■■■■ them up. ive also caught guys doing the spirit slice with a fireball trailing and they try to counter but get hit so i can then manual into combo. im really enjoying her, but i feel like im far behind on anything advanced tech wise. i just dont know what does what yet in terms of juggles and such. so i constantly review this thread to get things burned into my memory. learning a new fighter is always so much fun, even if it takes me longer than most to catch on (it took me close to a year or so to get good with hisako)


happened to me last night too! i put out the hands and it just kept going for EVER! I was like, instinct ended a long time ago WTF?

Huh she looks a little easy to use and the tech was well thought out.

Anyone know how to close-in on a cinder who is continuously backing off?

Alright so using the Shinsako setup of, exhcange ender, jump over spirit orb and then jumping over again with a button, I don’t understand it.

How high into the jump should I be throwing out the orb. What button, and at what time during the jump, do I use it to make the fireball actually hit meaty? It feels really awkward and I can’t tell when I’m doing it right/wrong in practice or matches. Help please.

basically on your way up after you jump, you throw out the orb. its just a regular orb also, not the one that moves forward. you land, you jump back over and do the jumping fierce kick. now the fireball is coming down at the opponent at an angle. the ambiguous set up is now in play seeing as you can go low, or do a LK air on ryo for an overhead. it pisses ppl off pretty awful, ive been getting taunt spammed and bagged for it. lol

Has anyone noticed she can’t cancel DP into shadow move? Could this mean IG is planning on removing this from the other DP characters finally or is it just a Shisako quirk?

Anyone know? Also, I try to close distance with QCB punch but cinder retaliates with inferno or trail blazer.