Shin Hisako Tech Thread


I used to think Shin Hisako was a A single hit confirn type character unless I was cancelling off lights… but is every character like that ? Like Ken in SFV…

Because when I play KI its One Hit into Special Move and then pray for The Best.


I like just how active this character tech thread is.


I don’t get that impression at all. Since she has a rekka and rekka characters can always hit confirm with the help of rekka since all rekka 1st hits are “safe” in KI Shin can easily hit confirm. Shin has a decent amount of links too so it isn’t always button>rekka. Also with shin hisako, a bunch of her openers are jump-ins (dash jump normal specifically) so Shin can OS an auto double on hit a bunch of times and not need to confirm. Other openers are unsafe mixup options (Orb,L Slice or Greed Sever) or orb hitting people so like the confirm is nonexistent or easy.


Then maybe I just suck… lol…


Nah its fine. The main thing is that rekka getting blocked isn’t bad and Shin’s dash is hard or impossible to AA. The worst that can happen is Guess SC so you can just do pokes uncancelled and make people look silly


What about Regular Hisako… aint her Rekkas unsafe ? :scream:


Hisako’s rekka is “safe” in the weirdest way. It is incredibly minus but she can cancel recovery frames into blocking. command grabs can punish it but only a few reach that far fast enough (usually shadow grabs work). In most match ups its safe.


Hmmmm… I’m not entirely sure what all that means but I guess that’s good.


What exactly am I seeing here? I see a combo ended and then nothing


Ok so…

  • The ender didn’t combo. I did L Greed Sever(OH )> Light AD> Ender and the combo counter said 3 hits so the ender didn’t combo.
  • Because of the ender not comboing the PD wasn’t cashed out
  • Lastly the defender has to block the ender crossup or else he or she gets hit.

Besides Low, High(greed sever) and throw ,Shin has a dangerous (relative to light slice) unseeable crossup option in specific reset scenarios.


If they block it, how unsafe is it? I’m guessing quite a bit?

Also for the record, Hisako can only cancel 1st rekka’s recovery into block (not 2nd or 3rd rekka). It does make 1st rekka safe to all non-throw attacks from all characters, though.


Thanks for asking that question (because I did not expect this answer) . From my testing the recovery frames of the ender are completely invincible so its actually safe. It is -7 (thx @RFGCAtsumachi) on block if that’s important.


I made a tech video of various oki setups I came up with

I also made a skeleton of an oki sheet and a form for more submissions.If yall have oki setups for shin post em in this forum on ULTRA-COMBO.COM and the google form. The forum part is more important though.

Google Sheets sheet



Very nice! I like the Meaty Orb set up…so cool!