Shin Hisako Gameplay Predictions

This thread should help us compile some of our gameplay theorizing, and later we can discuss the released material here. Let’s go, dudes!

So we know that’s to @TheKeits twitter that Shin Hisako is “more straightforward” than regular Hisako, and there’s hints she may have a DP.
What about the rest of the gameplay? What can we expect?

Well, in tradition of the Remix characters, I’ve got a feeling she’s going to have at least one trait that’s going to be completely opposite of Hisako: her walk speed. I have a feeling Shin Hisako is going to be able to haul ■■■.

Combine that with the possibility of a DP, and it sounds like a much more aggressive style of play.

I think she may also have a parry, but it would probably be closer to 3rd strike or Arbiter than what she has now since without her Wrath there’s no reason for a Wrath Meter.

What do you guys think?


She’s certainly dressed like a samurai, which is awesome, and it makes me wonder then if she’ll be using the blade a lot and how true to sword technique they’ll choose to be with her. Maybe she has two sets of moves, one with her katana drawn and another with it holstered?

I could see that being something that Keits might describe as a wrinkle as opposed to a huge, rule breaking mechanic. Either way, I’m hoping she’s not in the shoto mold.

I could see her having quick, fluid movements, especially with the katana slices. Perhaps normal dashes, but a smoother, swifter walk speed.

Tough to say either way. I’m still hoping they do some ninja style things with her ala smoke bombs, throwing stars, maybe the blade’s on a chain etc, but I really don’t think that Shin Hisako will be that multi-tool ninja character I’ve been hoping for. That’s fine, so long as she’s fun, which I’m hopeful for.

Side note, I’d flip out if she had a DP that used Jago’s old jump kick to DP ender mixed with his old mid-air laser sword DP ender. Like jump kick to glowing mid-air laser sword. That’d be amazing. Maybe her katana can glow like Jago’s used to? It is a guardian after all… :slight_smile:


I hope she will play a little like Samurai Shodown character, and have super move due to being “Shin”.


I’m predicting above average walk speed, with “standard” dashes and jump. I feel like there may some lingering form of counter/parry, but one that functions quite a bit differently from Hisako.

Other than that, who knows? I don’t see a sheath so I’m guessing no battou/iiai style attacks, though a rushing slash attack seems like it’s a definite.


Standart forward dash, maybe even a run
Viable backdash
Good wakspeeed

Footsie oriented: good range and frame adv on normals

Quick screen travelling move, similar as the one we see in her reveal. It may have a crossup version, were she goes towards her opponent and the hit comes after she is behind(Similar to what Oni had in SF4)

No delayed auto doubles, no teleport, no command grabs, no stagger, no parry


All I know is the final hit of Influence will be repurposed into the classic anime samurai dash-thru-slash. Cuz it can’t not.

I’m hoping she has a seppuku, ala Yoshimitsu. And a button akin to Tusk’s cr.MP, but perhaps standing.

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I could see that. Maybe as a sort of fast, long range special / opener like heavy wind kick that crosses up, but is also minus on block?

I’m really hoping for some cool, acrobatic sword play, at least to the point where she feels distinct from Jago, Hisako, etc.

Agreed. Keits said she’d have her own wrinkle, so I don’t think any of this uniquely Hisako stuff will carry over. Maybe a command grab, but that’s it and even that seems unlikely.


I’m gonna predict she will have some kind of weapon she can use. Maybe a katana?


I doubt that she will have a command grab. Rekkas? Possibly (probably?). A parry/counter? Maybe. But I’m pretty doubtful that she’ll have command grabs. Keits said on Twitter that she plays differently enough from Hisako that I wouldn’t really have mich to go on when I tried her out. So I’m thinking her base archetype will be pretty far removed from Sako’s.

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This seems to be the trend with remixes. In fact, they seem to be going for the Mirror Image effect.

Jago is really straight forward, has above average damage, and is pretty safe. Shadow Jago is wacky as hell, has lower damage, and is punishable like a kid with his head stuck in the cookie jar.

Fulgore gains momentum from rushing down to gain access to crazy zoning and space control, and can easily switch styles on the fly. Kilgore gets heated from his zoning which makes his rushdown more potent, and his play style is mostly dependant on his current status.

Hisako has a slow walks speed and good dashes, multiple command grabs, and an ability that makes opponent’s scared to touch her… perhaps Shin Hisako will be really fast with meh dashes, and even without a command grab she’ll find ways to make the opponent scared to block?

Im going to dream for a second and go beyond her basic mechanics.

From the picture we got teased with, she’s got light armor on her top, but just guards over her shins. Nothing (as far as i can see) over her mid. And i dont know if it was a wish, but I’d read she may be a DP character. Might be wrong. Plus, shes a Hisako remix; she loves sitting still.

So thats what i know. This is what i wish.

There’s a japanese sitting position called ‘tatehiza’ that’s ‘kinda’ similar to Hisako’s crouch. Basically, armored fighters could use a number of katas from this position and return to it. Even rising attacks.

Based on that, id wish for a rekka-focused Shinsako. Shed have better overall mobility to Hisako, a special move here or there, but to get to her good moves, shed have to go into (i guess) a command stance. Kinda like Riptor, but better. Within it, she’s got a couple different ways to either harass or punish opponents, based on the situation.

Just a little dream though.

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I’d be down for a stance style character, either of the expanded Riptor variety or the Eyedol sort. I was actually thinking the katana character would be a good fit for that archetype, with the character having to choose between “standard” (sword out) and sheathed stances, and getting different specials and normals accordingly. It would be a way to do a stance character in a bit more intentional and less “messy” way than Eyedol, while perhaps making it a bit more integral to the character’s play than Riptor.


Her wrath meter will be replaced by a gauge meter for her father who will fight alongside her like a a golden puppet invocation. In instinct the gauge meter is always filled. She can also use all her instinct to fuse with her father and go super saiyan but at the risk that she cant block during this mode, but is op as heck.Then welcome the “nerf shinsako”," shinsako is so op" “this game is dumb” shinsako is braindead", “bring back s1” etc

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hmmm we dont have a “choose your stance” character aka Soul Calibur’s Ivy nor do we have a true puppet character … looking forward to next weekend … like it needs to happen now!

Agreed, and a great point here too. I’m guessing she’ll be the opposite of Hisako in a lot of ways, so looking at Hisako specifically, as has been done, could yield some good ideas.

I dunno, random stuff like:

Long range naginata normals --> close/mid range katana normals?

Limited air mobility --> maybe an air dash of some sort?

Command grabs -->. No command grabs seems likely

Parries --> No parries seems likely, but maybe as an opposite to this and command throws, she gets a a catch counter throw?

Limited opener options --> more “standard” openers and a larger number of them over all, so maybe a command attack opener and multiple katana based openers?

Wrath meter -->. No meter seems likely.

Delayed autos --> regular autos, I’d think.

Teleport --> No teleport, but probably greater mobility.

Slow walk speed, great forward dash --> Fast walk speed, average dash, but maybe she can dash through like Wulf?

No zoning --> Maybe she gets a projectile, like spirit energy or throwing stars?

I dunno, not much to go on, and if she had a DP, this all makes her sound a little too standard, almost shoto-like. So I’ll be curious to see what they do to differentiate her.

That’s kinda what I was trying to get at above with a katana sheathed / unsheathed stance, but yeah, that’s something I’d like to see. Kinda like how Mitsurugi in Soul Calibur had a stance holding his blade over his head, sheathed, etc, and moves that could only be done out of those stances, like a stab/kick kind of throw, or multiple quick stabs, etc.

I’d LOVE for this kind of stuff to be built in to this character, whether it’s an in the ground stance or based on where she’s holding her katana. It’d be great if she had like fifteen or so cool looking command attacks, five spread across three different stances plus one special move unique to each stance (to go along with two or three specials like a projectile and a DP that can be used at any time).

I’d play the HELL out of that character. Instant main for me. :slight_smile:

My thoughts exactly. Much like Aria, they could keep a few specials across all stances, like maybe a projectile and DP here, but she has standard health bars, her movement doesn’t change, and the stances wouldn’t be quite as game changing for her as choosing between mobility, rushdown and zoning.

Not quite sure what I’d want to see in each stance though beyond a nice variety. I’m sure each would lean in a direction, but I think that variety would be an aim in and of itself here, and perhaps the act of changing stances in combo could create some cool, unique combos.

Aww man, I can already tell I’m getting too married to this idea lol.

They’ve already stated she will be easier/more straightforward to use than Hisako, so you should probably give this one up :sweat_smile:

Would you really want to play a character with 15 different command normals? That just sounds…not fun. :confused:

Yeah I knew I was overshooting the second I typed it lol. Probably should’ve changed it to six or nine tops.

I was trying to think of what would give each stance a nice amount of options and five command normals plus a special move seemed like a good amount, but I think I might’ve been stuck still in Mitsurugi / Soul Calibur land. :slight_smile:

Still, if they went the stance route, I’d hope that they’d gave some cool, fun hooks for each stance, though in sure that’s kind of the point. I was also kinda trying to use Riptor’s stance as a base (albeit reduced) but still overshot. My bad.

Lol. There’s no reason to apologize to me :joy: Shin Hisako is who she is at this point for the most I’m sure, so whatever we’re theorizing is of little relevance to how she actually turns out. I was more just surprised that anyone would want something so complicated (even given your general preference for more moves). Most KI character have 3 or 4 command moves at most - having more than that would be unwieldy in this game I think.

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Quick aside. Is a straightforward character your type? Ive known you to be leaning more to technical characters in Hisako and Sadira. Sight unseen moveset/traits noted, but a straightforward character doesnt seem your cup of tea.

*shrug * I don’t mind straightforward characters. Sadira was a lot more straightforward when the game launched, and I don’t think Hisako is particularly technical either to be honest. I play a fairly solid Jago actually, and play a decent Kim Wu and Tusk as well.

I actively avoid zoners and haven’t played any of the back+forward characters, but overall I’m pretty flexible in playing different archetypes. If I don’t like how a character looks then I’m 100% not interested, but if I think a character is cool I’m pretty game to try them out and make them work.