Shin Hisako character reveal

Shin Hisako has been revealed on the Killer Instinct twitter feed!

And a piece of concept art:


Is that new music!! Hot damn that sounds hype as hell! The name brings forth memories of pther hype characters that have that name. Shin hisako has big shoes to fill with that name but with new music like that she will definitely be worthy of that name!

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Hopefully I’ll actually like this version of hisako.

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Waifu for laifu.


Katana wielding Hisako with cool music?

Yep I’m sold :smiley:


I wish the tease wasn’t on twitter so I could see it cause my school blocks it :unamused:



She actually looks cool! F*** ME!

Could anyone separate the tease video from the tweet and post it on youtube or something? I can’t see twitter right now.

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Thank you.

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No problems.

What do you think about this teaser?

-Golden sword

-That “Hisako” in the music made me cringe a bit


Hype. Was not expecting an “alt” Hisako. This should be fun. I am a little disappointed its not an original fighter but I’m happy nonetheless!

I didn’t expect this. ha

What’s the point of that last year survey?!
Kilgore now this?!
Joanna Dark is Kilgore and new Samurai character… Shinsako…
:Cringe: :DansGame: :WutFace: :NotLikeThis:


So her picture looks human and her video looks pale AF. Was that just the stage lighting?

I’m also curious how some of the anti-pre/post transformation Cinder people will handle this, since it essentially negates regular Hisako, does it not?

Also… Do Kilgore and Shinsako officially mean that these are the remixes they decided to go with instead of Shorchid, Ben Farris, Shark TJ or Kelvin? Are those still on the table, or is Shorchid a no go due to community backlash?

Also, why not just call her Chiharu? Or did IG think that’d be confusing?

That’s the last of the nitpicking for me though. If she looks like that picture, I’ll be psyched to use her. Really curious what the combat team did with her! Keits said she’s more straight forward, but with a few wrinkles. Sounds good to me!

Arg, KIWC, why aren’t you here yet?? :slight_smile:

That’s what I asked and was told to look at the dossiers in SL or wait until they reveal more info. It’s probably like someone said hisako is the spirit, shin hisako is the body probably found by the sword guardian.

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I’m not sweating it. I didn’t want a pre-transformation Cinder, and I’m not really sure many people did. As much as I like Cinder, I like him better the way he is now. That’s just me though.

Second the motion.

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My guess is that not everyone know chiharu is hisako human name so to avoid misunderstandings and misconceptions they just used Shin hisako to show that this is indeed hisako but things has changed.

On the topic of things like pre/post cinder I actually think this opens the door not for past versions of charecters but future charecter evolution. Like Aria V2 upgrade that her backstory alludes too, a super cinder that has control over his body and doesn’t need the containment suit and a veteran experienced possibly older warrior Kim wu.