Shago Color 11 Accessibility

Is there any official word on color 11?

They weren’t expecting you to have paid all that money for Shago and his colors, they were trying to reward people that bought Xbox live and figures. Technically you got everything for free.

That’s what this thread is about. Apparently it’s only available if you buy the new Shadow Jago figure from Ultimate Source. Meaning if you purchased the Limited Edition one, you’re ■■■■ out of luck…

Where on ultimate source does it say that?

I’m almost perpetually on the optimistic side of things, but this is blatantly horrendous marketing.
It reads as a scam. It seems like information was intentionally kept withheld to force the hand of consumers into buying two versions of the same figure. I have to agree that owning Color 10 should prompt for an unlock of Color 11 - or at least the option to buy the color separately.


So the Shadow Jago figure wasn’t even limited at all. Hilarious.


I’m frustrated by this as well, especially as the cost of shipping, contrary to their statements, is still pretty much double+ over the price of the figure itself. You do end up paying $100 for the figure if you want to get it outside the US, currently at least.

That’s also to say nothing of what I think of the fact that Colour11 isn’t available at least as a purchase option for those who own Colour 10 (which can most likely be verified through a validation check with the user’s redeem code history. If there were a thing I wouldn’t mind so much but I@m not paying the currently extortionate prices to get my figure shipped just to get all the colours as well


Yeah this is ridiculous and yes we paid for a "limited edition " so why is these the same price ? Amd it’s not right we have to buy another shago to get this


I agree that if you own colour 10 you should get colour 11. If the figures were fundamentally different, like the two Jagos, then that argument wouldn’t stand and I fully expect DX Jago to come with a separate colour 11.

But this non-limited figure is not fundamentally different. It’s the same, and I too was under the impression only 5000 were being made.


Yeah not going to lie, you guys got gipped. Color 11 looks so much better imho, I bought the current shago so I’ll be missing out on color 10 (odd will the game register it as 11 still?) but I think 11 is the better color. People who bought the limited edition deserve color 11 as well otherwise there really isn’t anything special about the limited edition, I mean think about it. If I got the same exact figure anyway wouldn’t that basically mean they actually bought the color?


I am not the designated defender of Ultimate Source and MS, but this is incorrect. You are not any more handicapped when it comes to color 11 access than anyone else. It comes with the Unlimited Shago figure. If you want the color, you buy the figure. Just like everyone else. You are not somehow excluded from buying it any more than anyone else. The fact that it is a waste of money to buy a figure to get access to a color is a separate argument.

When you bought the Limited Edition Shago figure, it didn’t say - this purchase entitles you to any and all content related to future toys and Shago colors.

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Hell yeah dude!!! I hope that goes for everyone! I dont expect it for free at all…but I dont mind paying 2$ to 5$ for color 11. I hope that’s the option we are given.


Here’s the way I look at it

Imagine if a fighting game had a standard $60 edition and some super special $80 edition. The incentive of buying the special edition would be a steelbook and whatnot, but more importantly, an additional character that you cannot access with the standard version. Now Imagine if some genius at “Whatever the hell” Studios decided that there should be also a character locked behind the standard version ONLY. Unacessable through the $80 edition.

I understand comparing a character to a skin is somewhat silly but this is more about the idea itself. When you present someone with a “Limited edition” option, you imply that it’s objectively better than the standard version. Here, it’s completely subjective, whatever skin you like better is the determining factor in your opinion of “Which is better?”

In short, I think it’s ridiculous that those who have the limited edtion, myself included, don’t have access to this skin, but at the same time, I’m not gonna lose sleep over it. Those are just my thoughts.



guy’s, they will make it right. Relax.

I guess it might be a great idea to add a deep color customization mode for empty color slots because (and this is just my opinion) these Color 10’s and 11’s are boring to me.

I sure hope so, I really don’t want to have to by the same figure over again just to get another color. I’m okay with the regular edition coming with color 10 to even the playing field if that’s what it takes. This just feels like a cheap tactic at the moment.

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Hopefully that means existing Shago figure customers can get the skin free or for a small fee.


And its the same damn figure that was suppose to be limited im the first place i have no place for two of the same damn shago figures

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