Shago Color 11 Accessibility

I’m not happy either. Because I want all in game content, this means I’ll be buying another Shadow Jago figure just to turn around and hock it off on ebay.

Not gonna lie I’m a tad annoyed by this. I like this color better than the neon blue one I got with the limited edition.


I’ll trade my extra Fulgore color #10 for a SHago #11

Let me know

How much are you willing to pay for the code? I plan to just sell all my codes.

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So will all figures come with a new color?

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Surprised this got no likes, but with a $30 price tag, i think you’re absolutely correct.

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I’m thinking I’ll start out trying to get $15. Why not. It’s the only way I can really try to explain to my wife how I just spent $130 on toys. :slightly_smiling:

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Rash is going to be the Coolest Color Ten.

@rukizzel, if it’s a prism color that reacts to the new lighting…I just might have to buy for everyone. Assuming I have the money :open_mouth:

Wait, its the same exact figure?

So, why exactly was the “limited” figure limited again? Just for the color 10? :\

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Don’t forget the black box… lol

The limited ones are numbered and come with special packaging.

I am going to laugh my nuts off when one of the features of Season 3 is a deep color customization screen.


OOooOOoOoOOooh! That makes it worth it! lol

Damn that is downright stupid to continue to sell a limited product after the fact and with another bonus so people who want to collect the entire set will have a duplicate figure.

Way to ■■■■■ people over. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well for people that are actually interested in collecting the figures that is worth it. It’s only the people more interested in the colors that get screwed over.

Still doesn’t make it any less sleazy to advertise a toy as limited quantity to get everyone to buy them and then sell the exact same toy minus a numbered piece of paper and some changes to the box and call it new.


Anyone want to trade a color 11 code for my limited box and number?


Wait… Hang on a second… So I paid $50+ for Shadow Jago, then I paid $50+ for color 10. Now I’m expected to spend another $50+ (Because of shipping to Canada) for color 11? Are you kidding me? ARE YOU ACTUALLY ■■■■■■■ KIDDING ME?!

That’s $150+ FOR JUST ONE CHARACTER AND HIS COLORS! I’m not buying into that. No way.