Shadow orchid poll

So shadow orchid got the most votes in the survey, yet there are plenty of people who don’t want her in KI. I know that unofficial polls here are not important but I’ll make this one anyway. Do you want shadow orchid to be in Killer Instinct?

  • Yes
  • No

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shadow characters and guests. Everything KI doesnt need now. Besides Joanna Dark. I guess the community is not happy at all with these decisions. Instead of polishing the game, giving us co op multiplayer on SL, finding definitive solutions for bugs, bringing top voted features like ultimate combo its just those ‘‘remixes’’ coming to the table… bruh

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No, I don’t want her, I prefer another remix character not based in shadows. No Shadow Orchid/Sadira/Maya/whatever

Is not that I’m campaigning for her out of the game, just my preference.


I voted yes. I never wanted Eyedol either, so I guess my opinions are just a controversy. I am just saying that I would not be too upset if she made it into the game.

During the end of Season 2 this was something that people would have likely seen me say and while I still hold reservations about guest characters, I’ve been really happy with the way in which Iron Galaxy have implemented Rash, the Arbiter and General RAAM to the game. I think they gel really well with what KI brings to the table.

I’d still love to see Joanna Dark make an appearance in KI (we definitely need more female characters in the game) but I’m on the fence about more Shadow variations of the established cast.

…I’ll still gobble up whatever Iron Galaxy is willing to throw at me though.

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No thanks.
Don’t like any form of clone character.
Which includes palette swaps and “evil” versions of already established characters.

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I don’t want her because IG are great at making new/original characters (Hisako/Aganos/Aria etc), but I appreciate any and all new content they are giving us. And if we do get Shadow Orchid or another remix character, I’ll enjoy and play the crap out of them, because Shadow Jago is tonnes of fun to play and Kilgore looks like he’s pretty fun too.


I want her as a skin


THAT would definitely be acceptable, because then she won’t take up a spot on the roster. New skins are always welcome! <3


I want a speedster or a monster like character

You can have both with Sonic the Hedgehog as a guest character. His Instinct Mode could be either Super Sonic or Werehog Sonic!

… no, I wasn’t being serious. XD

Lol I wouldn’t count him out

Where’s the “I don’t want her, but I do want to see what IG can do with her” option?

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i hate shadows chars concept, not shorchid herself, but voted ‘yes’ in this poll since i know many players (even if i cannot figure out why) want this char. many of them helped me and eyedol’s fans to get eyedol at its time, a char that had all the rights to be in as all other old ones. shorchid is a new entry that many players were according to, so let’s stay with it. and this time i’m forgetting you were one of the most rated eyedol haters.

Needs a neutral oprion.

Personally I’m neutral. Since Kilfor eis apparently a shadow Fulgore, I don’t think we will se a Orchid that ahs blue skin and a demonic twist on her outfit.

Not syaing thats what it will be but just saying prepare yourselves because it may not be what we expect. Though people will over lok this post anyway and just still hope for the Shorcid to be what I think some will want it to be.

Unfortunately there is more to KI fans and customers than registered ultra users.
Facebook Twitter, general internet customers are not all on this forum.

You would have to present the vast survey across markets that ms has already provided to guarantee a contrast to the time from spring to winter 2016-

Just saying


It’s not letting me. @xSkeletalx

Well then I shall remain neutrals & wait to see what happens. All I can say is be prepared if this Shorchid does not look or be like what we expect or assume.

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Well, speaking of skins. I’d like her to show skin :grin: and since it would be an evil version of Orchid that should be no problem at all, right? :grinning:
Okay, I’ll stop here (voted no, btw)