Shadow Orchid or Black Orchid? (Poll Closed.)

  • Shadow Orchid
  • Black Orchid

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Now before you vote let’s take a look at the situation we’re having today.

The “B” (which stands for Black) in B.Orchid has been dropped since her release in Killer Instinct Season 1, seems normal right? Now we fast forward to today and some of us are really tired of the Shadow gimmicks. I don’t blame you for hating the idea of Shadow anything (as long as your criticism about that is constructive), but don’t you think that IG has a opportunity to bring back Black Orchid?

Let’s think about it shall we? Shadow Jago sounds badass (even if he was a clone before December of last year). Now Shadow Orchid? In my opinion it sounds…boring and lazy.

What I’m trying to say here is this, instead of “Shadow” Orchid, how about “Black” Orchid?

(Note: This is not about skin color, so don’t even suggest it.)


Like I said in other threads I’m down for shadow orchid since I’m confident IG could make her a great character however I would more than love for to be called something else like others have suggested nightshade or Black Orchid and all around flesh her out as her own character much like shago, Kilgore, and omen are.

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None. I prefer Dark Firecat, a manifestation of the Firecat, corrupted by shadow energy.

I just don’t want to see “Orchid” as part of the name.

Kilgore is not “Shadow Fulgore”

Omen is not “Shadow Jagerwulf”

Give Shadow Orchid a name without “Orchid”


Lets reverse the letters. Dihcro. Kappa


umbrorchid :recycle:

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I’d love a jagerwulf. It’d sound awesome when the announcer says his name

Black. Like how Lee Chaolan disguised himself as Violet, but with different moves and voice acting.

I thought people were already calling her Nightshade? I’d prefer that to Black Orchid.

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Shadow, cause It won’'t be the orcid from KI-2. The shadow might be metaphorically. Just like Kilgore this could be someone who is not orchid.

Now I know I’m beating a dead horse, but all I’m syaing is get prepared for anything unexpected.

What’s this about B.Orchid in S1? I don’t remember any such thing (unless you count Orchid’s black, armored corset from her color selection).

That’s the point lmao. That is the point right there.

Neither, because:

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Black Orchid is her full code name.
If we have to get an Orchid clone, call it shadow Orchid, or better yet, clone someone different.

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Black Shadow Dark Obscure Opaque Orchid

Orchid’s backstory:

During one of her covert missions in Europe she met the monster hunter Maya and formed a friendship. Orchid also came into contact with a young Native American named Eagle. He messaged the Disavowed through a forum run by cyber dissidents, trying to find someone to help him bring down Ultratech. Orchid brought him into the spy ring and, after deciding that he was legitimate and not a plant, sent him on a mission to the Killer Instinct tournament.

After Eagle was reported killed in the tournament, she took on the persona of Black Orchid, and entered the tournament herself in the hopes of finding out what happened to the young fighter.

So the current Orchid is Black Orchid
Lets drop the Black as part of the name for Shadow version


I am, and I’ll continue to push this name. :stuck_out_tongue:

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If we must go the poison plant route, I’d much prefer Belladonna to Nightshade, it’s a little bit less on the nose and a little more feminine. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Pretty sure Orchids name IS Black Orchid…


She already is Black Orchid.

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