Shadow Orchid / Maya / Kim Wu idea by RDM

psychopathic Gargos wife inside Orchid…

Here’s my idea for Shadow Orchid … a real witch! For the occasion Gargos not has unleashed Omen, but his concubine! Now Orchid is a black queen owned by psychopathic lover of Gargos, has abandoned its weapons earthly exactly as Shadow Jago has limited its use of the sword.

  • Now you can generate beams of dark energy from her hands replacing batons;
  • Take the form of a demon to attack its prey;
  • The Flick Flack was replaced by Demon Tornado, spectral tissue that run around with great speed;
  • The shape animal which before was a cat of fire, now is a daemon equipped with wings and therefore can be carried out also in flight and directional or upwards or downwards.
  • The third hit of the Rekka releases a Lasaken Shadow if fails but lost the characteristic of being inexorable;
  • Disappearance of the stun grenade, replaced with a bullet off course unpredictable, a tissue spectral fluctuating disturbing that it causes no damage to the opponent, but that may block the execution of his attack or to cause a knockdown when it is in flight.
  • Taunt replaced with a demon of dark energy that surrounds Orchid snickering with female voice

FEATURES: Shadow Orchid has a unique bar shadow divided into small notches as the reactor Fulgore, but goes blank after each blow, and it fills up after each blow dealt, his moves shadow consume only 50% of the normal amount of Shadow necessary to move the shade, in well Shadow Orchid can perform two consecutive Ender pressing the attack button with the last shot dell’ender, the second Ender but completely empty indicator shadow, the damage of the second ender is proportional to the amount of shadow energy that was in our possession.

INSTINCT: Shadow Orchid can release more thirst fluctuating simultaneously on screen, silks take individual streets and if the opponent touches, suck a small amount of shadow energy and transfer it to us.


A powerful warrior in service of Gargos is now in the body of Maya, Zara… like Omen is an entity of pure dark energy.
Shadow Maya receives some new powers to this symbiosis. Her daggers are now redolent of dark energy … “disaster” and “suffering” are their new names.
When Shadow Maya holds both daggers, her shadow energy regenerates slowly.
Shadow Maya can teleport over the daggers when they are on the ground, RT brings you on Disaster. LT brings on suffering, but this costs a small amount of shadow energy.
Jumping Hunter is now 2x faster.
Mantis now hitting behind the opponent with a teleport, but it costs energy shadow.
Leap Kick now replaced by evil vortex, a vortex of energy Maya throws in the air, and can attack in the air (launch daggers)
Disaster and Suffering accumulate charges for use with Shadow Strike:
Disaster 1 - Shadow Strike drains shadow energy of the opponent
Disaster 2 - Shadow Strike, puts shadow meter out of commission for a few seconds.
Suffering 1 - Shadow Strike sucks shadow energy of the opponent and transfer it to Shadow Maya.
Suffering 2 - Shadow Srike transfers all the shadow energy of the opponent to us, immediately.
(Shadow Strike is faster than 50% since Emnity Strike).
Instinct: The offices of the daggers are never exhausted, remain as they are when we activate the instinct.
When Maya owns indicator shadow totally full, the daggers back into his hands.
Shadow Strike Ender with all charges, inflicts a huge amount of potential damage.
Gargos has sent his sister Sestyra in our world to take Kim Wu possession, Sestyra is a lady of the war and destroyed many empires under his brother’s directives.
Sestyra, Zarah and Raofah represent the three darkness princess to Gargos service.
Zarah, Gargos bodyguard…takes possession of Maya …
Raofah, Gargos wife, takes possession of Orchid.
However, only one of the three will get the full consent of Gargos.
Shadow Kim Wu…
She gets several new skills from this condition:

  • The Nunchuk is now the head of a demon with two horns and releases two blue fire trails when attacks, the damage is increased for combos with powerful punch and medium repeated fist.
  • Dragons were replaced by dark GREMLINGs, the GREMLINGs that revolve around Kim Wu protect it from projectiles, when cast on the opponent chase him and explode
    but get gremilng is more difficult to get the dragons, you must ender lv 4 or the GREMLING counterattack.
  • The cancellation has been changed, now covers a much greater distance and can destroy the bullets.
  • Shadow Kim Wu can fly for a short distance, powerful punch combo pressed repeatedly in the air performs an aerial combo that keeps Kim Wu in the air, then it can execute a kick demon toward the ground to raise a wave of energy at his opponent .
  • Instinct mode allows you to use the cancellation without consuming greminlgs, you can use a cancellation every 1 second, instinct combined with the aerial combo keeps Kim Wu in the air all the time.

Why are you referring to HER as HIM?

sorry, translate error… :slight_smile:

Should give her shagos mask

Shago mask is Jago mask corrupted. Orchid non have Mask.

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You could have a tiara or a crown …

Great artwork but I’m going to have to say no, one shadow character is enough what next Shadow TJ Combo, Maya, Sabrewulf and ect.

I think it was already decided … the only thing we can do is give good ideas to IG.

Replace the kali sticks with sais!

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So let’s not give ideas about other “shadows” LOL

If it is to come up with ideas, it’s with guests … it’s bad, but not as bad as another shadow :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

good photo edit btw

you should make her look more like the Dark Queen from Battletoads.


I must say your Shadow Orchid looks really attractive and beautiful as well as sexy already :smile: :smiley: :grinning:

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YES!!!’ I’ve been screaming for shadow orchid since yesterday

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I think what Adam suggested a Shadow Orchid skin for season 3, then maybe a full character season 4

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I WILL say if they do decide to do Shadow Orchid, it could be a chance to bring her the properties of Marvel’s Marvel Vs. Capcom Phoenix, Psylocke and Storm in one!

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now the question is WHAT will her ultra be like? and WHAT will her Ultimate be like IF she gets one


What a cool idea for some fun alternate outfits.

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Shadow Kim Wu time…

They need to buff the real Kim Wu first before making a shadow version lol.

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Nooo! I dont want them buff Kim Wu! She’s fine!