Shadow of the Tomb Raider!

Im excited!! I have the Steelbook edition preordered! Im currently doing a NG+ playthorugh of Rise oTR…IM about halfway thoruhg it. I dont think Ill finish before SHadow comes out though.

I really enjoy the TR series…well the new one anyways. THe game comes out ont eh 14th unless you prered and get the 2 day ealry access which will be on the 11th at prob 10pm.

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Well not with that attitude… you gotta believe in yourself… and believe in Head Shots.

Are you collecting all the thingamabobs and shooting all the doodads ? Because that takes time.

Yeah, I cant run through any game. Even in NG+ I still feel the need to get EVERYTHING lol

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I only do that so long as theres still something on my character left to upgrade… however once I reach that point I definitely won’t be stopping to pick up one more collectable.

The key for me is to prioritise the side missions first and level up lara as much as the game will allow so I can have access to more tricks for the main missions…

I agree, but on Rise the NG+ starts everything over. THe only thing I got to keep was all the costumes I bought or earned, ect… All in game stuff starts over.

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Gotta preserve that grind…

Its why I don’t play Assassin’s Creed anymore… especially after how Origins turned out.

I need to finish ORigins soon too. Ugh… games are too long these days!

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Its That Padding…

They’re trying to ration out the fun… which, for me, has the opposite effect.

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Hmm… Reviews seem pretty mixed so far, unfortunately. I was kinda skeptical in the first place with the shift to another developer. Guess I’ll see for myself in a couple weeks when I have time.


Reviews are out already ?

Meh… They help but I wouldn’t blindly accept what reviews say especially this early before the game is even out… I mean yall remember Bioshock Infinite right ?

Since I don’t play games for the narrative I often watch tell all analysis that go over anything and everything before I decide to buy a game… Spoilers Be Damned !!!

I say wait and tell a non professional reviewer gets their hands on it… or just just go in blind and tell us what you thought about it.

I just read the VG24/7 review… dude was 50/50 on it. He didnt like all the underwater inst-death moments. Which I agree can be frustrating but I do like the death scenes when she makes the wrong choice and gets stabbed in the face by a trap pit full of spears or whatever lol
I’ll have the game Tuesday night, probably wont really play it till Wednesday night though. I think it looks great so far.

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LoL… think of me when you play it… because I won’t be playing it for a while… gotta wait for That Summer Sale.

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Come On Yall… GET HYPED !!!

Seriously… I really expected everybody to be talking about Our beloved Boob Raider. Or is everyone just getting sick of it ?

Im loving it but… I havent had much time to really play it. Tuesday night i played for a while but had it on the hardest difficulty and I died just before he first bonfire and had to start from the beginning. So I stopped for the night.
Started over a new game last night on medium difficulty and made it to the first bonfire…so far its awesome!

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Only had the chance to start playing it a couple of days ago. 8 hours in and absolutely loving it. Nothing better than a jungle setting and the stealth feels more fun than ever.
It’s one of the most incredible looking games too, especially if you’re lucky enough to experience it in 4K and HDR. Itching to play more.

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If only :frowning: :sob:

Actually this doesn’t bother me… its not being able to play it steadily at 60FPS that bugs me the most… I have a potato GPU.

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I got to the hidden city last night and WOW! The puzzle, tower, spinning sail thing was EPIC! The climb up and around this ancient contraption was just amazing! I was beginning to get bored, so this was a much needed injection into the game!

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Wait that sounds familiar…

Did you not finnish Rise Of The Tomb Raider ? :open_mouth:

Oh yeah i finished Rise at 99%…only missed 1 challenge int eh very first area…that you cant go back to for some odd reason. its the only part int he game you can not fast travel and return to.

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You mean the desert area ?

Are you sure ?

Hmmmm I remember missing the exact same challenge but I don’t remember if I went back for it or not.