Shadow of the Tomb Raider!

I thought it was a pigeon… but anyway yeah thats the one.

It turns out you need to keep an eye out for it as soon as you start the quest… and shoot it down as soon as you see it. Now heres where the glitch happens… if it gets away… it will vanish and won’t respawn… like ever… you would have to start a new game and try again.

I had this quest glitch out on me twice… once on the Xbox One version and once on PC… however it seems to be have been patched sometime around when the celebration edition came out.

I had to wait on the patch I believe…but Im right there again on NG+ and I dont see the challenge yet. Only the radio towers. But Ive had my eye on that ■■■■ Star sign over the fence entrance every time I run past LOL

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Yep… thats where it shows up… well some where around there. That ■■■■■■■ is very elusive.

I swear i spent hours, days shooting every bird in sight!!! I finally gave up when I found that it was a glitch. I cant recall if I ever got it or not…seems like it did but that was so log ago. Ill look at my trophies when i get home and play tonight…they are still up as I went through them the other day.

i may get this game later on, i still havent beaten the 2nd one lol

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Just my opinion… but Rise had a lot more generic NPCs running around. If you add this to the generic bad guys you already have to fight, I felt that interacting with these low poly NPCs took away from the game’s beautiful aesthetics. Also, the sense of loneliness and survival that was there in the 2013 version, sort of was not there in Rise because there were a bit too many NPCs standing around. I definitely felt less suspense… Probably an awkward reason to not do side quests and even more awkwardly explained by me but hope you get my point :wink:
In this sense I like how the NPCs in a game like Dark Souls fit into the game’s world even if you would only interact with them once or twice in the entire game… very similarly, I did not finish Mordor: Shadow of War DLC as I felt the game did not need certain generic looking DLC characters which were too big of a contrast with detailed orcs and the environment.

TL;DR I hope they keep the NPCs to a minimum or make them more unique and blend more into the world’s environment/story.

I see what you’re saying, although that wasn’t really my thing. I don’t generally like “open world” collect-a-thons because I get too anxious and never feel like I’m accomplishing anything. So I try to motor through the story with as little exploration as possible.

I fully agree that the lonely and isolated feel of the first game is missing from RotTR. It was a terrific aspect of the first game but I can forgive them for having to take it in a new direction. Although I always laugh at the insane body count in Tomb Raider (Lara is a murder bot of epic proportions), I understand they have to evolve the games from installment to installment.

I felt red dead redemption and TR2013 kept me immersed in the world while roaming around just exploring things. I guess the fortune seeking and survival aspects of these games worked well/better. For a game like Batman or the last metal gear I got bored quickly in their huge open world. Still I’d like there to be enough options in the new TR, assuming it will be an open world game, so I can roam around freely at my own pace.

I liked Arkham Asylum and got 100% on Arkham Knight but I don’t plan to do it ever again. I can see how if you are totally immersed and enjoying the game you might like it. But most of the time it’s just not for me.

Man i found arkam knight hard as hell…i got stuck and just dont knwo where to go and its hard to get back into… but the game is great besides that.

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Ah the Arkham Series… the only games that did collectathons right… I loved dem Riddler Trophies. :smiley: that being said… 800 is alil much.

Stuck where ? With who ? And when ? For What Reason ? On top of who’s porch ? In which closet ? :open_mouth:

I cant remember its been months but it was a task I couldnt find where to go… the map and challenges can get a bit convoluted.


Hmmmm… I didn’t know that could happen… I mean I also got really stuck… like take a break and try agsin later stuck…

I believe this is a result of the “Scoping” problem some puzzle games have.

In short…if the level design isn’t sectioned off properly… it can be difficult where one puzzle begins or ends.

This phenomenon is most prominent in Portal 2… remember getting stuck in Old Apeture ?

Ill boot it up tonight and see where I left off. It was not far past cat woman int he chair and finding the chiefs daughter missing, and having to get across the bridge… Im think Im at this bridge and the arrows tell me to go one way but I can never get to the destination!! Its prob so simple its just not registering with my brain.

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Its not your brain… I faith in your investigative skills… as far as video games are concerned…

When you arrive at the bridge and find it raised its easy to forget what you are suppose to be doing because lowering it is such a lengthy process. Then rather than directing you back torwards the bridge, instead the game decides this is the best to to drop the Riddler/Catwoman quest on you… I believe you are forced to do this… you can’t continue on the main quest other wise… I could be wrong… I know it definitely overrides the compass so that it directs you to the orphanage rather than back to the bridge.

I did get lost following the trail aswell so you’re definitely not the only one… I don’t remember how though… does the compass not direct you back to most recent part of the trailer if you stray too far ?

Because I think thats how I got lost…I had to vaporise some tanks and then I lost the tracks… took me a good 3 minutes before I could find them again.

There’s a couple of places where the arrow tells you to keep going but the batmobile cant get there. It sounds idiotic but you need to remember that you can get out of the batmobile and either travel without it or else do something to open up the pathway. I know it sounds silly, but I spent a lot of time driving around looking for roads when the answer was just “get out of the car.”


Yeah I also forget thats an option… Especially near the end when the Batmobile gets cornered and crushed in a tunnel… I fogot that I don’t have to protect the Batmobile… I only needed to protect Batman. Unfortunately the game dropped a hint on me before I had a chance to figure that out for myself.

The parts that really threw me for a loop were when Batman needed to be in one location while the Batmobile needed to be some where else… I’d sit there thinking its impossible… then I hit my head when I remember that The Bat Remote is a thing…

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Yep this is the area!!! You loose the track that your to follow. I need to play the game again to be sure… I may have figured it out with a guide at one point, Im not sure. I just need to play and confirm. I forgot to play last night I got to hyped into KI

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As long as you don’t forget to feed the pet then no harm no foul… a hungry cat is the most Heinous Crime imaginable and shall be met with swift justice… by the cat dropping a turd on your face while you sleep.

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Aint this game coming out soon ? I thought yall would be more excited.