Shadow of the Tomb Raider!

Anyone see this announcement yesterday? Short teaser video of the game as well! releases in Sep!
The movie was pretty good BTW… not spectacular but decent.


Yeah, I’m pretty psyched for it! I absolutely loved the reboot. I haven’t been able to play Rise of the Tomb Raider nearly as much as I’d like to, but now it seems as though I’ll have knock that one out in short order.

Only thing that kinda has me worried about it is that the team that did the first two games isn’t handling the third. That makes me very nervous for it, but here’s hoping some key people from the original team are still involved and even if they’re not, I’d still love to see the new team execute a great vision for this trilogy wrap-up (of course).

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Agreed, isnt the dev team a part of Square enix though? The movie was pretty good this weekend… I wasnt blown away, but it was cool

Yeah, it’s not switching publishers or even developers. Crystal Dynamics is still handling the game, but I believe it’s going to be handled by their Montreal studio instead of their… Austin… Studio? I think? They talked about it on the What’s Good Games podcast that I was listening to over the weekend, because they were slightly worried and then there were allusions made to Mass Effect Andromeda or whatever.

But no, it’s still the same dev, Camilla Luddington is still Lara, etc. I just hope that their Montreal studio is as good as the one that developed the last two games, as I believe their (Austin?) studio is working on some sort of Avengers game, if I recall correctly.

As for the movie, I’ve heard very mixed reviews about it. Ebert . com gave it 3 out of 5 stars and seemed generally positive on it, while IGN seemed much more down on it. Honestly, as long as the movie had decent acting, a semi coherent story and some fun action, I’d be happy with it. Or happy enough.

I don’t think I have yet to come across a video game adaptation of a movie that’s really raised my expectations of what a game to movie should be or could be. As long as it feels like the movie’s within range of the source material and it’s making an honest, sincere effort to take itself seriously, I’m okay. Even though I really want that video game movie that really knows how to strike the right tone with great dialog, acting, story, etc.

I think Silent Hill is probably the closest we’ve had so far. There have been a few decent movies out there; watchable movies, stuff like the first Tomb Raider, the first Mortal Kombat, but none of those are really shining examples within their own movie genre or subgenre. Silent Hill isn’t a high tier horror movie, Tomb Raider won’t make anyone forget about Indiana Jones and Mortal Kombat is no Enter the Dragon.

So yeah, I’m still hoping for that day when we get a movie that’s based on a video game that’s not merely solid or good fun or pretty good for a game movie, but one that really sort of transcends gaming entirely and simply taken seriously among some of the bests movies a genre might have to offer. I’d love to see that happen some day. Not sure which game that could happen for though.

Yeah I read about the Montreal team… your right.

The movie is about her becoming the character it the games. She is really just a kid, a bike delivery girl in New York that refuses to sign on the inheritance her dad left her. It takes a while for her to get to the tomb raiding stuff and even that is kind of brief. The sequel should be much more of what fans expect.

A bike delivery girl? Huh…


Seems like an odd way to start out, but if this is a setup for the next movie, hopefully it’s good enough and does well enough to get that next go at it. Alicia Vikander seemed like a great choice for Lara as soon as I saw the announcement, so hopefully it’ll work out and she can come back again.

Yeah she is a food delivery girl, along with a whole gang of delivery people and they have a race challenge fro money because she is broke. then “Anna” comes into the picture asking her to sign the papers and that’s when it gets into the Croft manor and her dads will and so on. I actually enjoyed the New York normal stuff more than the typical jungle, pyramid, bad guy, booby trap parts of the movie.

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Oh no kidding? Guess I shouldn’t have dismissed it out of hand like that. :slight_smile: I’m still interested in seeing it.

As for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, I can’t wait to see more on it!

Me too… RIse was my GOTY for 2017 so SHadow will prob be my 2018 as well

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OK my friends…SHadow of the Tomb Raider is fast approaching and its going to be Fn EPIC!!!
Ive preordered the Steele book edition that comes with the season pass and a few other little extra goodies, like XP bonus and 6 skins and you know, the usual extras.

I also was given a huge poster from my local Game stop and I love the colors of this Shadow oTTR layout. Black and Orange…it looks so awesome!

So IM currently playing NG+ on RIse of the tomb raider on the hardest difficulty and boy is it tough! You can only save at the campfire (just like Dark Souls) and the wood scraps to build the fire and craft arrows are hard to come by. This game is amazing and I know Shadow is going to be even better!

SO do you guys have plans on getting Shadow of the tomb raider? DId you complete Rise of the tomb raider?
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I’ve only played the first Tomb Raider. Hoping to get the second one and this one soon.

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Played TR2013 and did all side quests for 100% completion. It was my favorite game for a long while. I found Rise also good but I only finished the main story.

Looking extremely forward to this new release.

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never had the fondest memories of the originals but I absolutely love these new ones since the reboot. Can’t wait for this, love the setting, love the stealth, Lara’s voice actress is great. Already pre ordered.

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if you’re on Xbox then Rise of the Tomb Raider is on gamepass! I was lucky enough to snap up 3 months for the price of one when that deal was floating around. If you’re new to gamepass you can a 2 week free trial.


I did beat Rise of the Tomb Raider, although I didn’t play any of the DLC and I didn’t complete a lot of the sidequests and collections. I enjoyed it a lot. My problem is that I don’t have a lot of time for those long narrative games anymore. I will likely get Shadow of the Tomb Raider but probably not until it goes on sale.

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Actually Rise’s narrative was pretty short… its the padded quests and collectathons that make it feel long… and normally I wouldn’t do them… but they offer XP… which I need for my upgrades… so naturally I felt compelled to do them…

LoL… in the Xbox One version… one of the quests actually glitches out, preventing you from completing it and getting a very useful item… the lock pick I think it was.

Well, you need to do a certain number of the side quests unless you want to advance through the story with a huge handicap.

I spent 35 hours with RotTR but only got 16% of the 2200+ gamerscore for it.

The issue is less the total length of the game (I have 179 hours in Monster Hunter World for example) but rather the fact that you don’t know how long you might need to complete a quest or a mission or a chapter and whether you (meaning me) will have that time when you sit down for the 45 minutes of free time you get in any given evening. And then when you take two weeks off because of life and sit down again do you remember where you were and what you were doing or is it easier to play something else.

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Absolutely LOVED the reboot and I’m several hours in to Rise with the hope that I can beat it before Shadow comes out, but yeah, that’s a day one buy for me, no question!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Really ?

That bad, huh…

I do it because I want to experience more of the game’s mechanics sooner… I didn’t know you could fall so far behind the progression curve that it became a handicap.

Doesn’t bother me… I experience the exact same problem but from a mechanical perspective… forgetting how to change wespons or what enemies are weak to what type of damage… forgetting that Poison Arrows are a thing…

The Crow??? Oh man I never got that ■■■■ crow!!!

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