Shadow of the Tomb Raider!


Very very beginning when you wreck the truck and are climbing into the tombin SYria… then the bomb goes off and it falshes forward to the futire in the snow.

You have to shoot 5-6 hanging charm things.


Yeah I remember that one… I could’ve sworn you could go back there…

It was Syria right ? I’m trying so hard to remember the name.


IM about 45% into the game and wow!!! Its getting really good! I love the caves and jungle settings…it does kill the momentum when you get to the big villages and have to do a lot of talking and exploring for challenges and items though. Its not horrible, but RUse only have 2 large locations that had this type of scene with minimal NPCs and mini quests. This game has tons of NPCs and mini quests, which is fine but you have to wear a specific out fit and you dont have your guns and it just slows the fun down a bit to much IMO. Still a great game though!!
THe under water caves and tunnels where you have to swim deep into the mountains and trails can make you feel really anxious and out of breath… they did this part really well!


Bought the game. Vintage Lara :wink: now I only have to find time to play past the first 15 minutes, lol.


Game is gorgeous that’s for sure


Why the 3GB update??
I just bought the game. Back to SCVI then…


Probably just unlocking a new mode… remember… Gears Of War 4 had a similar update.



3rd update in about a week?! Is it broken? Lol.
Started playing again last week as I was hoping to finish the game but I have had 3 updates so far. Strange and very annoying when you don’t have much time to play… :slight_smile:


NEw update added some DLC or something from what I understand. A free skin or weapon pack maybe?


Could be, yes. But annoying to have a 1.4Gb patch every time I start up the game lol


Agreed…that’s why I set my setting to manual updates. When I go to my games and apps I look at the Update section and see if there is anything in there. Sometimes there are large updates that I dont feel the need to update at the moment. Like Forza or Battlefield…big games…big updates. So I dont update them…and if there is something I play a lot of…I let it rip when I know Im not going to be playing online or whatever.

I do know SHadow has some DLC rolling out soon maybe even recently.


Thanks, I would have to change those settings too.

I recently downloaded some new dlc “the forge” or something… forgot the name… anyway, I am still on the main game.


Yep that’s it… the Forge! I haven’t played SHadow since I got Odyssey and haven’t played Odyssey since I got Red Dead 2!


Too dangerous man, these holidays lol
Just got another notification: “an item on your Steam wish list is on sale”, already the 5th this week, hahaha


This is why I can’t have nice things ! :frowning: