Shadow Lords Mode


Honestly it isnt “for fun” at all for me, i want to unlock the new stage and forget about the game mode forever, its just a tedious grind for a stage


I must say, I’ve seen more variety in the dialogue than I did in the preview. I like that lol


Personally I would like to see more character specific dialogue from the mimics. Their generic responses are getting a bit old already.

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I’d also like more lol but there IS more than in the preview

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Totally understand. I believe we have made Astral Energy more available since launch.


There’s more dialogue on the way too.


More dialogue overall, or just because of Eyedol’s story being included?


If you don’t mind me saying so, some of the resposes to mimics are kinda odd, because the comments towards the mimics seem like they should be directed towards the characters they’re mimicing. Like for example, Gargos (not boss Gargos) will tell mimic Mira her coven should be worshipping him.


He’s probably speaking his mind as in (“she should be worshiping ME!”) You know thought bubbles and all that.


Thank you and thank you for notifying us! :slight_smile:


Can’t wait for outfits!!!


Nah. I just started a Gargos play through last night, and I was sort of surprised at how…normal…his dialogue is. I’m not saying they should rewrite the whole mode just for him, but the fact that he acts just like everyone else, talking to them like he is NOT Gargos is kinda weird.

Honestly, if they were going to allow him to be playable in the mode, they should have smoothed out his dialogue a bit more just make him less of a “regular” character. I imagine with Eyedol they are going to make some more character specific progression through the mode (maybe?), and I think they should have done something like that for Gargos.

In a way it is kind of weird playing this mode with any of the “evil” characters, but I think for Gargos it is especially strange.

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Well the only other charcter besides gargos who is “evil” is shago, omen, kan-ra and eyedol. Maybe mira too but it’s debatable.

Plus maybe gargos is just so arrogant he decides to take be less arrogant for a change. I dunno.


IMO there should be several endings depending of your captain:

-Order: current ending. Hisako is also here. Endings have a very slight variations depending of your Captain(Thunder finds Eagle, Orchid now aims to defeat Ultratech again, Maya gets new reclutes for the Night Guard…)
-Chaos: Shago, Gargos and maybe Omen take an ending where Gargos triumphs. Kan-Ra, Wulf and Mira have an ending were they take advantage of Gargos defeat
-Ultratech: similar to current ending, but Aria intentions about defeating her former allies are now obvious. Other Ultratech members have detailed endings(Fulgore is now out of Ultratech control, Cinder has a semi-joke ending…)

Ideally, all endings could be canon and all can be true simultaneously (except Gargos and Shago/Omen)


You just pretty much described my team, lol! On that play through Gargos was Cap, and Shago and Kan-ra were my wing men.


Shadow Lords multiplayer is pure cancer. Either you take items and then you’re wasting them instead of fighting Gargos, or you don’t take items which is almost an auto-loss versus somebody who’s taking items.


Or you can take items and they aren’t being wasted because you are having fun :smiley:


Then you go back and gather some more…? Like…come on. How do you waste them in SL? Just go back and get more. Seriously…Sure it’s kinda grindy but this grind isn’t even that bad to begin with.


Can I just say unless you have a special character for it the “Red or Violet Portal” event is totally rigged