Shadow Lords Mode


Trying to beat Gargos on Godlike with all of his buffs without guardians and consumables is a pain, I almost did it on my second try, but pretty much the outcome is decided based on Gargos’ buffs because the Eye of Gargos is troublesome because of the parries. I got a lot of fun during my first playthrough. Yeah, I have the Astral Plane stage unlocked now.


Yeah, I just beat it on challenging a moment or two ago, and I can confirm it happened when I used Rash. I was super shocked and thought the game was still going on even though the announcer had yelled ultra already. For a moment, I thought Gargos was one serious rulebreaker. That final fight is tough though, glad I saved up the good stuff for later. He took my first character, but he only got half my second.

It was very fun. I’m tired though so I’m gonna wait till tomorrow to post any feedback.


Most of the time that happens if he has a minion and hits you after finishing the Ultra, apparently the Shadow Lord buff gives him vampire regen and that allows him to resurrect after getting connected the Ultra.


So far, now that I’ve had a chance to try it, I find that SL is kind of meh, at best, IMO. The items and what they do are cool, as is the character art, but the dialogue gets incredibly repetitive, the navigation in between matches is rather tedious, you can’t skip the tutorial or disable CAM early on, and the AI is… well, AI. I also thought the concept of days meant actual days too, but apparently that’s only true for the daily rewards, which aren’t even in the preview.

I have high hopes that the full release will be a lot better, especially with the pre- and post-match dialogue. To that end, I will keep playing it and report any bugs I find. Besides, I haven’t beaten Gargos yet…

To their credit, the devs have done a far better job than the guys who made the BF1 beta - I can’t even play it (only got 5 min. in so far) because there are more players in server queues than there are in the actual matches (64+)…


Considering Shadow Lords is a single-player campaign and BF1 is online, it’s not a really fair comparison is it? I mean with SL everyone that has a code gets to play it as much as they want with no wait because there’s no line.


Oh, I know - I’m just speaking purely from an experience standpoint. Even in beta, you expect it to at least work. If a good portion of your fans can’t play it, then what’s the point? I can understand stress-testing servers, but I would’ve thought they would’ve had more for BF1. It seems like EA never learns… :upside_down:


I have the daily rewards, also, isnt the tutorial only for the first playthrough, at least I havent seen it in my 2nd and 3rd playthrough and I can remember something about being able to skip it.


No daily rewards here. I also don’t recall seeing a skip option…


You can quit out after a certain point during the tutorial and select a team of your choice. Its only for the first boot of SL.


On the main SL menu, there should be a little screen with press Y or something to collect your daily reward, its under the team pictures if I remember correct.


I know about that - if you select it, it simply says something along the lines of “coming soon.”


Weird…I’m already on day three…


Multiplayer rewards are coming soon.


Each day you enter you get a reward. If I recall correctly, your first day is green check and you could have the second day reward by now


I played about an hour last night…its surprisingly really cool! Very intriguing and a bit overwhelming at first. It was much more in depth than I expected! I stopped just after the tutorial to were you are finally on your own with the global threat.

Im excited to get back on it tonight!


So, what about people who did not take a code? Is there a way?:ghost:


Woo hoo! Got my code! Guess I have to make a twitch account now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If anyone has a extra code their not using cause they have a PC I got a friend who would love to try it and we’ll I’m not giving him mine hahaha


shadow lords is very interesting- I did my first run through last night and it was amazing, I spent money on items because I wanted to be prepared for future run through a with my fave characters.

This mode will be awesome with further expansion and modes and rewards like costumes skins accessories etc

I really like the chest breaking and the way if you end with an ultra you still get to experience the destroyed stage
( I stayed on thunders tornado ultra end for a good while)

Thanks for this expansion and I look forward to more guardians and crafting and skins

Love the astral plane stage! Looks like it’s everyone’s favorite now it’s the equivalent of the training stage used for most online matches- so nostalgic and vibrant.

If only there was a knockoff- lol


Yeap! That’s going to be my new stage for a while lol! Me too maybe somewhere down the line we can a stage ultra added.

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