Shadow Lords Mode

I got a patch this morning, thinking it was Shadow Lords stuff, but it was only 92 MB so I have no idea what it was.

I think SL were deployed to everyone with the last, huge, patch some time ago.
I’m Italian and my SL is also already translated* so I think all of us already have it in the alpha or pre-alpha version.
Perhaps they want to do some beta test in order to eventually fix problems before the official “unlock” or they must wait for the phisical Definitive Version scheduled release.

*Actually I didn’t even tried this mode, I only saw the translated title and I did not dare to click in order to avoid problems with savedata or other, see my question to developers above (actually, I’ll play SL only to unlock astral plane).


They confirmed on the stream that Rukari was going to distribute codes, he was even likened to Santa Clause.

Your data from playing Shadow Lords preview -should- safely transition from preview to release.


I received an email from Rukair in with a code. So hopefully that answers some questions.


I think I’m starting to get jealous hearing about all of these people playing Shadow Lords right now…

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Damn, hopefully I get one too.

I too received an email…but I wont be able to play till next week when I return from Absolute battle 7.

How some of you get it this weekend!


It’s starting to become difficult to tell who’s playing because of the exploit/glitch and who’s getting codes. I have a feeling I’m seeing plenty of both in my friends list right now…
Oh how hard it is to be a good Fwuf and wait…

So are people getting it in their regular email or like in your messages on XB Live?



This is all confusing.

Thanks to that glitch (which I thankfully I don’t know how it works and I don’t care) a lot of people have played Shadow Lords earlier and is hard to tell if they have legal early access, if the community decides my sign up is allowed for the early access I will play it, until then, I will wait for the oficial release of the game mode. Is very likely I will enjoy it (even if Gargos beats me over and over again).

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Anyone who has been playing before today was using a glitch.

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This is music to my ears :slight_smile:

I just want to see the unreleased guardians.

There’s a weird torso with monkey arms and horns, an owl and something resembling a beholder on the emporium card packs as far as I can tell. Need to find some good screenshots to be sure.

Those aren’t releasing on 9/20.

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I want a code soooooooooo bad.

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[quote=“rukizzel, post:1131, topic:6945”]
Those aren’t releasing on 9/20.
[/quote]Darn it!

[quote=“DIAMONDVISI0N, post:1132, topic:6945, full:true”]
I want a code soooooooooo bad.
[/quote]You and me both

Hoping for a code :slight_smile: , as someone one who like’s to chill in offline rather than grind much in ranked, Shadow lords can’t come soon enough. Good luck to those that entered.

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