Shadow Lords Mode

dead :dizzy_face:

I put a warning in the title. :yum:

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I kind of assumed that this was the canon explanation for the two different movesets: The boss version being posessed Shago and the new one being the offshoot creaion. I don’t know if they’ve officially confirmed anything like that though.

Just a small point. Just because Aria didn’t steal it herself, doesn’t mean one of her underlings (Sadira for instance) didn’t steal it, thus meaning that Aria, through an individual, had stolen it herself. But you’re right about the lore being a shifting entity

Can someone explain me where Gargos came from? The portal kan-rah opened or the Aria’s one?

I want to see the cinematics so bad… 666th post :sunglasses:

The portal was one in the same. He’s an astral being. From “the land of the dead.”

How do you mean? Like where he actually came from? Or how he got on earth?

Gargos’ origin is hinted at in Omen’s backstory:

Sure there is a lot more that can be fleshed out, but I think what is there is pretty enticing so far.

What portal did Gargos use to enter Earth? He used the one over Ultratech HQ.

The Kan-Ra portal seems to have been used to allow Gargos’ army access to Earth, and maybe the source of his initial corruption (think how things play out in the actual Shadow Lords mode). I sort of think of this as kind of the way Gargos was able to open his portal. The way I see things, as Gargos’ corruption spreads, his ability to manipulate the fabric of that world strengthens. When the corruption reaches a critical level, that is when he can exert his will and open a portal large enough for him to come through and exist on that plane of existence.

You should’ve written in an incantation to summon the dark lord himself! Opportunity wasted. Disappointed.

He isnt a demon from hell, Gargos is a Astral God.

I wasn’t talking about Gargos…

Im very scared…

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Any indication yet of what part of the month Shadow Lords will be released.

unfortunately we still have no idea :frowning:

The multiplayer mode was said to come out July. What is it? Where is it? I want it lol

I’m still waiting for a commercial where Kan-Ra is there with a dopey stupid car salesmen tie and has an ad on T.V. Lol

Kan-Ra: Demons got you down? getting jabbed with pitchforks from skinny demons? tired of big fat minons belly flopping onto your face? what about big demon overlords portal punching you in your ribs and unmentionables? Or maybe looking to find something for your deal old mother?

WELCOME TO KAN-RA’S EMPORIUM! Where I have all kinds of special potions, spells, Pets, Nerfs, healing, and of course PHOENIX DOW-I mean uh Items that bring you back from the dead!"

Don’t wait! rush on down to Kan-Ra’s Emporium where no price is too big to save the planet! ■■■■ eating grin

Seriously something like that!


That would be the best thing ever! IG, please do this! All of us would die laughing in the end

I’d rather see kan Ra wear a cloak and say “got a selection of good things on sale, stranger” lol


“What are ya buying?”

What are you selling"

“thank you!”
“heh heh heh”


When you buy an item, he says:

“I will no longer need that!”