Last character is new/guest confirmed?

You read toriko?

Yup! In pretty up to date with the comic XD

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With Eyedol & Eagle being on the survey for season 4…my guess is a guest. And not just any guest…MS’s poster boy.
It make perfect sense. The only guest right now with a stage is Arby…it’d make even more financial sense if they had 2 guests use the same stage. Plus if you look at all the other various characters suggested for Season 4 Chief was oddly absent. Why? Or a better way of phrasing it: Why Joanna Dark but not MS’s flagship icon? & not just Ms. Dark…it could apply to any guest on the list…

Then again, they may have just added both Eyedol & eagle to the survey because they have both of them in the hopper ready to go, and they’re wanting to gauge which one to put in the final slot…who knows? We will when they announce something.

Again, I don’t think this survey has anything to do with the last character.

I still think it’s going to be a guest though.

I have two reasons.

  1. They wouldn’t keep it such a big secret if it wasn’t something so big like a guest. They kept RAAM a secret without any teasers hinting to him at all. They haven’t done this with any of the canon characters yet and I doubt they would do it now. Also, when each season started, they showed you who the bosses were gonna be. Season 1 showed Fulgore (main boss, not secret like Shadow Jago), Season 2 showed ARIA was going to be playable, and Season 3 just flat out showed Gargos.

  2. There would be a balance in the Season 3 roster between new/returning characters and guest characters. 4 new/returning characters (Kim Wu, Tusk, Mira, and Gargos), and 4 guest characters (Rash, Arbiter, RAAM, ???). I also agree with @WrathOfFulgore about it being Master Chief. Not only do I agree with that stage theory, but I also believe they’re trying to go for a “Master Chief vs Arbiter” title match in a real fighting game like what MKX did with AVP. Of course, we’ll never know until the time comes.

Add to the fact that posts with eyedol or eagle in them aren’t being modded or deleted because of “leaks” or whatever. Whereas despite raam being leaked for a while he name wasn’t allowed to be typed regardless.

We are in tuning mode. There is a lot going in to Shadow Lords, and though you may have it, we are still modifying things. Yes, you have it because release isn’t that far off. Soon could mean a day or a month, and you’ll know in due time, but it is coming down the pipeline…soon. It being in the game files is actually a calculated move…like we have plans for it or something… Hmmm.

Well, RAAM was leaked, so we plugged all the leaks. If one of those characters were to be the last character, speculation wouldn’t be cause for removal. An actual leak would.


Alright that’s fine, returning stuff. That makes sense. That’s all I needed to hear. And that it’s an legitimate reason holding off. You wanna make it good. That’s fine with me. Now I have a better understanding as opposed to “well they are waiting till later because…”

Wait so, if people didn’t know about RAAM before and were talking about him like it was no big deal, nothing would come of it? Despite them being true? Just not knowing it?

Actually, since it was a calculated move, I’m guessing that was because of the PC version where it could potentially be hacked? I don’t know, I’m not a PC person.

Has season 4 been confirmed then guys? I think the last character would be a guest. If it was a new original character they would have probably been released already. There’s not much to gain form keeping a totally new unknown character completely secret. It made sense to do it with Raam, could you imagine how much of a surprise it would be have been if it wasn’t leaked previously.

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I bet it’s Captain America. He needed a job after UMVC3 died down, so he went to a job agency and they pointed him to KI.

I still don’t think it’s the cheif. There’s no way IG would let two halo reps be in their game. I wager that would do more harm then good.

[quote=“FengShuiEnergy, post:38, topic:11922, full:true”]
I still don’t think it’s the chief. There’s no way IG would let two halo reps be in their game.
[/quote] They would if their bosses told them they had to…


Which I think is stupid and shouldn’t be. It would do more harm then good.

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Fair enough…everybody is entitled to their opinion. My guess is a lot of people…the more casual crown that isn’t so fanatical about not getting Halo peanut butter in their KI chocolate… would love to see Spartans represented. Hell, when DOA 4 came out I really didn’t care for the series…still don’t really, but I got DOA 4 for the Spartan, and still have it…not the same copy, so I actually got it twice.
Honestly if they just threw him in, & it was a bland character that brought nothing of value to KI, such as a reskin of Arby (for all intents & purposes), then yeah it’d be a waste, but my guess is any additional character, guest or otherwise, is going to be built from the ground up specifically to fit into KI & given the same loving care each & every other character has.

[quote=“FengShuiEnergy, post:40, topic:11922”]
It would do more harm then good.
[/quote] Unless you can pull out specific analytical data proving that this would be the case such as sales figures in other games before & after Halo content was added, this claim is a credible as looking at a tub full of water’s drowning potential and saying taking a bath is a terrible idea.

We got arby. I think we’re good enough for the halo reps.


If anything should this KI get a sequel then I’m pretty sure the chief would be in that one.

I’m fairly certain not everyone shares that opinion, considering a brute was on the survey as a possible addition to the game.

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There were many things on that survey could be added to the game. Whether or not it was just poking fun at something or not is a mystery though.

I seriously doubt anything they put into the survey would be for joking reasons…
I could just see it:

“Hey. just as a gag how about we add a sh*t monster to the list? That’d be hillarious!!”
“Yeah, Let’s do it…it’d obviously a joke…everybody would get a good laugh.”

“Well crap, the sh*t monster got top ranking. Huh…who would have figured that?”

-Mighty Poo confirmed for season 4

…Yeah, I highly doubt that happened.

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Just because people want something doesn’t mean they are gona get it. Look at eyedol, he’s top pick…but do you really think he’s gona make the cut?