Shadow Lords Mode

All I saw is just Kim Wu’s cutscenes. Nothing else!

It will come. I mean I imagine it’s almost ready to go. I can wait a little longer.


DM me.

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Haha xD you can wait bro

F*** you I’m bored. XD


If only they released another KI comic or something. :disappointed:


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Wait…where did Jago come from? Did he come the astral plane?

Orchid and Jago got turned to stone? Holy s***.

I… am unsure of what I just saw, sure it’d make more sense in the actual game but… yeah…

Not sure how this fares against the S2 story mode in terms of that, but I am gonna be possitive and just assume there’s more work to be done in regards to that, alonside missing context.

I’m fairly sure this is leaked content, and shouldn’t be posted. You may get temp-banned for it.

I’m guessing a mimic aganos turned them to stone. I have yet to see gargos turn anyone to stone.

I an starting to belive we probs shouldn’t mention that part any longer as it is clearly a big f’ing spoiler (regardless of context or outcome).

That didn’t make any sense.

Sorry. Won’t happen again.

“Now that we’ve shown everything, we can start opening the flood gates.” - @rukizzel June 16th 2016.

There should be dialogue in the background, so don’t worry.

I just hope I don’t drown in hype. Lol

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When will Shadow Lords be released? What date?