Shadow Lords Mode

Shago taunts Kim using Omen’s taunt

So they are still one during the fight

A separate Shago was created out of the seperation of Jago and Omen. Like a byproduct of his release.

Quoted right from his backstory:
“But the Herald of Gargos was dumbfounded when the shadow form of that warrior-monk (the thing known as Shadow Jago) emerged in the aftermath of his possession of Jago. That wasn’t supposed to happen.”

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Works for me. That way they’re not directly competing with Street Fighter V’s story mode.

You are not making sense. Even the original Shago wasn’t “Omen”, he was Jago AND Omen fused into one. Omen doesn’t use a sword. He doesn’t use Tibetan Kung Fu. To come to the conclusion you have you have completely disregarded the Novella, disregarded Omen’s back story, disregarded the trailer itself, in lieu of a fiction you’ve created instead. That makes no sense.

At this point in the story Jago, Shago, and Omen are independent entities with various roles to play in the lore. Shago may be a “husk” of his former self, but he is expressly NOT Omen, despite Shago having many qualities from both Omen and Jago.

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Omen didn’t “get strong enough to make his own physical body,” Jago regained control of himself and expelled Omen from his body. Along with expelling Omen, Jago rid himself of most of the shadow energy Omen had amassed with in him, and it was that shadow energy that allowed a body to form around Omen. Omen was surprised when all this happened, but was even more surprised when he realized that the “Shago form” had emerged from this event as well.

After Jago freed himself of Omen’s influence, Omen, Jago, and a newly created Shadow Jago all went their separate ways.

Read this:

Shago uses his own taunt in that fight.

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Her blood was pounding in her ears. She regretted being so cocky. Regretted taunting this thing. She stared at the demon as he assumed the Horse Stance—legs spread wide apart and bent, arms bent with palms upturned…

And blue electricity was now sparking from his upturned hands!

Thats omen taunt, part of Shago ultra, but in any case Omen’s taunt

I was, and thought you were, talking about the trailer. Regardless, Shago does that “taunt” in his ultra as well, so it is not like it is an Omen only thing. Shago is after all a child of Omen.

Now the question remains…when did the separation of omen and jago happen?

At the start of Season 2.

Jago was rampaging around the globe as Shago in between Season 1 and 2. After the split, Jago spent S2 regaining his strength, and ultimately partnering up with Orchid and the other heroes, where they all ended up at the Nightgaurd temple.

Omen spent Season 2 shoring up allies like Sadira and Kan-ra for Gargos.

Hmmmmmmmmmm…I didn’t read that anywhere. Guess this means I’ll have to re-read everything and then piece everything back to together…I got enough on my plate as it is.

Any word on when we can look forward to some new info

…but there’s only 30 days in June?

He was being facetious. We have a ways to go still.

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I know it’s a forum and it’s hard to read through it but he was being facetious. We don’t actually know when.

Had a thought. Do the two Shagos (Shagi?) differ in abilities? Thinking about it, the arcade mode Shago was much more powerful than RBE Shago. Maybe RBE is ‘Husk’ Shago?

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what about it?

Guys its almost 20 days without news. Give us some screens :+1:

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Forget the screens. GIVE US CUTSCENES!!!

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That’s a good rhythm.