Shadow lords launch – no seriously!

Those mimic unlock requirements seems steep. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t remember where/who said, but one of the developers had said there would be more cut scenes

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It already is a good game :wink:


I assume that it doesn’t matter who you play as when beating mimics except obviously the plus 5 for beating gargos must be with the character used

It’s free? So basically not part of what we paid for when we bought Season 3? Kind of false advertising at S3 launch then no?

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I’m interested in seeing the mimic skins for the guests. I hope they find a way to make Mimic Rash stick out, Arbiter look badass, and RAAM look threatening. 4 days, boys.

Interesting changes. One question however,

When you say “vampire bat switches randomly” Do you mean that it wasn’t in order? Like for me it always went health, shadow, instinct. Everytime. Was it supposed to be random?

Yeah. I had the same results. It would always go in order of Health > Shadow > Instinct > Health.

It doesn’t seem to matter now but I just wanted to know if it did.

Sounds like some great changes! I’ll admit that I don’t know a ton beyond s few videos I’ve seen for this mode, as I really wanted to go in somewhat blind, but between this and the 3.4 patch, Tuesday can’t come soon enough!!

No mention of Shadows AI. :slight_frown:

(All things mentioned sound great.)


Does anyone know whether Ultra Edition owners will get Gargos gold skin or is that an exclusive skin only on the copy disc?

Its kind of intertwined. Everything that was released since the start of season three falls under season 3. If their was no season 3 there would have most likely been no Shadow Lords mode, since its used the season 3 budget. If no one had bought season 3 it would have probably been a much simpler mode aswell…Its kind of tricky advertising with their game model.

Still, they have always been clear that gamemodes fall under the free to play part.

Also, most likely a lot of the unlockable skins are useless if you dont have the characters for them…

And a question about the Bat. Wont he be too powerful compared to the other guardians? Or isnt he getting the damage buffs etc…

This is a bit trivial. Every game mode in KI is available to all players, regardless of how much or how little content they have purchased. SL is the same. But you can’t use any of the interesting characters if you don’t own them. So yes, the mode is free but you need to own significant portions of the game to take full advantage of it.


do we have to redo everything we did in the preview?

Yes, and because we got early access, our goals are twice as high :wink:


All our data will carry over, including our guardians, items, Astral Plane and currency.


Where have you guys seen mimic guests? I have not come across a single one?

They are not in the story mode, but I believe they do have skins for them to unlock