Shadow lords launch – no seriously!

Let’s talk all things Shadow Lords, shall we?


Neat changes! I especially like the change to the Vampire Bat; I always thought it was silly that you had to land multiple enders in order to get the power you wanted.

Do you think we could get an audio demonstration of the Guardian announcer? Just a little taste? Please? :smiley:


Awesome Update!!! Now time for more Arenas and some love for Omen

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Any chance we can get patch update notes that will coincide with the Shadow Lords release? Like character buffs and nerfs, such as this mysterious new combo trait for Sadira and others?


Personally don’t like a lot of UI changes, but that’s just out of taste. Functionally the corruption meter is way better now, I just personaly liked the old curved look. Also I never liked the font used for combo breaks/names, it is smart to use a more striking font with the guardians powers but I just don’t like that particular one XD

TLDR: I’m being a grouch, but at least I’m aware I’m being a grouch.

-The endgame screen is badass
-Mimic skins unlocked by beating mimics? I assume the hundreds of mimics I beat in the beta won’t carry over, will it? Sigh…
-Those new buffs on the guardians and enemies are going to spice things up quite nicely

You guys did great. I hope you kept your promise about making the mode a bit faster.


Love it, really neat changes!

Thank you devs!

Whens the 3.4 + Patchnotes?

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Good god, guys, just wait 3 days. We’re talking about Shadow Lords here :stuck_out_tongue:


It SO relevant though!

They have been unusually silent about such a HUGE thing, there must be a reason!

Common sense says that 3.4 patch would come out with Shadow lords, but they wont even confirm that Patch 3.4 and Shadowlords are going to be the same thing.


Must.Have.Mimic.Spinal :green_heart:

Anyway awesome stuff here, the new corruption chart looks much easier to understand. Nice work everybody!


I really like those changes, especially the bat one and the War Room one.
Also, the multiplayer reward are for the classic multiplayer or is it linked to shadow lords, in a way or another (maybe that secret thing you keep for the next textual stream) ?

They have confirmed if you watch twitter… 3.4 is on the 20th

who confirmed this? i watch multiple twitters

EDIT: Found it.

It JUST got posted along with this text stream.

Looks good. Looks like they did some work on clarity, even though I liked the curved meter design in the preview. That never really confused me, but whatever works best.

Hopefully they can still consider my suggestion to allow 3P+3K buttons as an alternate way to activate an item, as the select button is typically put intentionally out of the way on arcade sticks.


So, mimic skins are unlocked by defeating X mimics, without actually using X, you could use Y but still contribute to the unlocking of a skin (X being say riptor and Y being jago), unless the conditions dictate that you have to use X. Or you could use KI gold. I’m fine with that, mimic skins aren’t really something I’m interested in going after, except for fulgore and omen, because the look perfect.

Good job guys. So much better. I am really curious to how the multiplayer mode will be though.

I usually get a tad worried when I read changes. Happily this is a case where my worries were unwarranted.
I love basically everything here. The mimic skins have reasonable unlocks, the guardian buffs (especially the Bat :heart_eyes: ) are awesome, more dossiers, even better UI, more story…

I rate it 11/10, guys. All I need to know is if a certain change happens in Gargos’ story mode ( making his “doppelganger” use the mimic skin I stead of just Color 2) and I will be beyond thrilled for anything this mode can throw at me!

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I see no eyedol talk here…

Will eyedol be playable on the 20th?

Are there more story cutscenes that were not in the beta/EA?

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Very good job guys. Shadow lords is BEAUTIFUL.

  • One question: do mimic skins take the normal accesories?

  • Another one: will there be accessories for omen and shago out now?

Again guys the game is great. Thanks for what you are doing. Keep up #shadowlords #season4 #kilegend #thebestgame

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