Shadow lords launch – no seriously!

Has anyone confirmed if there are unlockable in the form of new accessories or costumes??

They had mentioned something for shago and omen but honestly I feel like it’ll just be the mimic skins but who knows

Does anyone have a link for the archive of this stream?

Also you need your Season 3 characters to view their Season 3 stories.

The only way to get it is with the definitive edition.

Makes me wonder how they will assign the old guardians with the new buffs like the damage and defense boost.

It isn’t a stream, it was just a bunch of text and pictures.

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I guess that’s where the "text"ual comes from.
I hope they at least do one for Shadow Lords/3.4 patch release.

The actual live stream will go up later today on

Wasn’t there supposed to be another textual stream detailing the multiplayer portion of Shadow Lords? Or was that covered in the stream I missed today?

It was planned, but since we were able to launch the CU a little early, we felt it wouldn’t be needed.

Awesome! I’ll load it up with a friend and we’ll dig into it, then!

Anyone have screenshots of the guest mimic skins? I didn’t start the update when I left for work & I’m slightly impatient :slight_smile:

Uh, scratch that. It looks like the Multiplayer portion is online only, so I guess we won’t ever get to try that out.

Also, caught a bug with mimic skins. When unlocked, it tells you to equip them from the “Charcater Select.” Also, the Mimic Skins aren’t customizable, which is weird, since it’s really just a green tinge and three smoke emitters. Is this something you guys will fix. @BlitzedKraig?

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Was anything said about the aforementioned shaders? What they are etc…

If they add customization to mimic colors hopefully we I’ll be able to choose colors beyond hulk green

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