Shadow Lords Early Access Request Thread

Hello Rukari and the rest of the Microsoft Studio / Iron Galaxy Team

I was wondering if there is a possibility for me to be added to the early access list for Shadow Lords mode.
I would love to help out and test and provide feedback for Shadow Lords mode. I am big fan of the game.

Also I thought instead of multiple users creating threads for requesting access, this would be just have one thread for requests,

fingers crossed for having access next week :blush:

Well, they said that EVO attendees will be considered first. They did say they intend to have a LOT of players in early access phase of the mode, and being a forum participant will likely help your odds, especially with being a regular.

That said, I don’t really know if they’ll take requests, though I guess it doesn’t hurt to at least ask.

Just follow on the forums, participate in the conversation, be helpful and courteous to others, and I’m willing to bet you’ll have your chance. I doubt there will be any reason for anyone to beg. Besides, the full version release is only next month.

Unfortunately it does fall the exact same day as Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion.

It would be nice if they took at look at in-game stats such as achievements, hours played, in-game levels across characters, etc as that would be a good indicator of those willing to put in time, as they are doing this to get early feedback.

Random giveaways is fine if that is what they decide, but often people get excited for beta codes just because it sounds cool, but don’t actually play or contribute feedback.

Good point, very nice suggestion. I agree :slight_smile:


But just in case the powers that be are watching, I’d be open to such a thing. I feel like a beggar, but I can live with it.

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I’m just surprised that the OP didn’t tag Rukari or the devs…

I would love to try it out early as well. I could leave feedback on this site everyday detailing my expiernces. I don’t do youtube videos or stream though if thats a requirement I won’t be eligible but otherwise I am good lol

From what I understand they’ve already got a lot of community members on board for the beta, been sending private messages & such to gather people. I mean sure it doesn’t hurt to ask, but as much effort as it’s likely been taking to gather names & such my guess is the window to be adding anyone else is probably closed.
This is just my lousy prediction though…don’t take it as the final word.

They’re like Ninjas, they observe without being seen or summoned.

Chances are they know already…

Lemme just be clear here how this is going to work (from what I’ve been told):

The Shadow Lords mode will be unlocked by key codes that IG/MS will be sending out to KI players in waves. All those who signed up at EVO will be the first to receive codes (bwahaha) but after that IG/MS will start sending out codes to the rest of the fanbase. Rukari said on today’s stream that they expect to have over one hundred participants by the time they stop giving out codes.

Now, I signed up at EVO and have been sent a message a few weeks ago about this, so I know I’m already in the running. What I DON’T know is how IG/MS will send out the codes/pick the players from. Twitter? Email? Forums? All of the above? Not sure, but I guess we’ll see.

I’d like to get in on it. I’m not gonna lie, it would be nice to get the VIP treatment once for something like this. I’d put my run of Fallout 4 on hold just to do the Shadow Lords beta. It seems like it would be cool to get to try that out and leave some input.

That said, I won’t be disappointed if I have to wait a little longer. I could’ve sworn though that at some event they said hundreds of players, not just a hundred, like the EVO announcement or something. I mean the one on the first day of pools play, not the Eyedol reveal.

Fingers crossed.

Hello Iron Galaxy bros, I’d like to provide feedback for Shadow Lords!

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There are times where you (the community) will simply a process that actually takes an incredible amount and time, resources, and people to complete, and other times where you imagine that something rather simple is carried out by the entire combined staff of Iron Galaxy & Microsoft in tandem.

This time things are really simple. Santa Rukari is coming to town with a giant spreadsheet filled with codes. How will he distribute them? Well, I am still working on that, so hopefully lap-sitting is not involved for everyone’s sake.


I would definitely be down for some Shadow lords early access action…

LMAO Im not sitting on your lap! but I do want the early access code. :slight_smile:
I would give feedback on a weekly basis.

Yup, I was right…I made a lousy prediction. :wink:

Rukari Austin ‏@rukizzel 4h4 hours ago
"Do you want access to Shadow Lords early? Of course you do. No promises, but I heard you can submit your info here:"

Sorry for beating you to the punch lol


No beating me to the punch. Sometimes I like to trickle information out there and let you all find it on your own!


Oh hell yeah!

fingers crossed, hoping to be chosen

Signed, sealed and delivered.
Tho santa @rukizzel I’ve been on the good list this year …I think.