Shadow Lords Early Access Request Thread

I work as a teacher - it is currently the summer holidays…sign me up for santa Rukizzel’s list please! :wink:

Edit: Thanks Sonic and Rukizzel - have used the link =)


Thanks for providing the link

My birthday is early September so it would be awesome to check out the mode

A like for a fellow teacher on summer vacation! :wink:


I have a couple questions that hopefully Rukari or Adam Isgreen can answer (I know they are busy these days):

  1. Will the shadow lords beta be available for PC players, or only Xbox players? i.e., for people who have both versions but prefer to play on PC, will they need to boot up the Xbox version to participate? Are PC-only players out of luck?

  2. Shadow lords is releasing Sept 20th, and we know that patches tend to be submitted 2-3 weeks early (which would peg it early September). To what extent would our feedback come into play for making adjustments to the mode? Are you just looking for kinda major bug fixes/stress testing at this point, or is there enough time to seriously look at feedback that suggests things like “aspect X isn’t very fun, maybe doing Y would be better”?

Probably a good follow-up question to that, if you have a Shadow Lords beta if you switch to playing on PC will it mess up your cloud save?

Maybe it’s better to think of the official release Shadow Lords like the launch of the Seasons. They could probably modify/add stuff as they please if the feedback thinks it’s right.

I would like an early code, if it isn’t to much to ask. Shadow lords is looking great and I would have never thought it would be this big when it was announced back in March.

Likes to you both! (From another teacher) :wink:

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Would log to get an early shot at the new mode. As it stands, it will drop just as i go back for the last half of nursing school.


I was good all year by the way…

I never get picked/ win anything… I keep trying, though. LOL