Shadow Lords difficulty decrease please

Please lower the difficulty of Shadow Lords. Casual players like myself would love to unlock the secret level, but its just too hard. Not only Gargos, but everyone on the globe. Yes, im talking about Challenging difficulty. I refuse to touch GodLike. Please decrease the difficulty of the Challenging mode. Thanks.

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So your saying CHALLENGING difficulty is too hard for CASUAL players?
Sooo working as intended?

YES. I don’t mind a challenge, but if I wanted a challenge that hard then I could play GodLike difficulty. The challenging difficulty is ruthless and relentless. Not everyone is a PRO player, so I should not feel like I’m fighting a EVO champ or Dev. I feel a NERF to the Challenging difficulty is necessary.

Godlike is for PRO players, Challenging is for average players, Normal is for casual players…
Are you saying normal is too easy? I just can’t understand your logic.

I am not a pro player. I am gold league and don’t even play ranked any more. challenging mode was not that hard:
(I got a bit lucky in this fight)

either practice and get better, grind for better items, or play on normal. YOU have plenty of options at your disposal without having to change what isn’t broken for everyone else.

CHALLENGING difficulty is TOO HARD. That is what I’m saying. You can’t unlock the Astral Plan in Normal mode.

Yes. It is challening. Isn’t that the point? If every casual and above can get the secret stage,then it wouldn’t be secret and special would it?

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so you just wan’t the astral plane without earning it >_>
There is a reason you can’t buy that with KI gold like you can the mimic skins. Astral plane is there for barging wrights. Even if you don’t select it, other players can see you have it on stage select.
Maybe they will change that some day, like how Shadow tiger layer was originally unlocked by beating the hidden boss in Season 1 arcade mode. But come season 2 they made it available for every one.

Why are you both ripping me up for this? This is my suggestion not argument.

I agree, lower the difficulty, or make the level available via KI Gold.

I don’t understand the elitist attitude towards this either. I’m horrible at the game and will never be able to unlock a stage that I just want to enjoy in VS. I mean, if a friend came over and unlocked it for me I still didn’t earn it myself, so why not just make an option for us casual players to access it more easily? Just penalize us with no achievement or something so you pros can distinguish which of us actually unlocked it since you seem to care so much.


I feel they should have locked the mimics also. It bothers me that people are just buying the mimmics instead of unlocking them.

Are you using any Guardians? I used normal mode to stock up on my items before I went for the challenge mode to unlock the stage.

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I feel that the level should be available upon completion to ALL players not matter what difficulty they beat it on. I will still play the Shadow Lords mode to unlock Mimic Skins, but I think it would be fair to all players regardless of skill to receive the reward of the Astral Plane.

I struggle against the normal AI in this game, I make no excuses, I’m bad at the game, but that dosn’t mean I don’t enjoy the hell out of it. Things like the Shadow Jago skin being exclusive for so long to launch day buyers I can see, it’s to let everyone know, yadda yadda yadda. The stage I see no harm in offering a short cut to us less expeienced.

This is my personal opinion, and judging from what has been going on in this thread it won’t be popular, but here goes:

  1. The difficulty is just fine.
  2. The point of all these goodies in the game are to get you to invest time in the game. And the Astral plane isn’t the only thing you have to put time in to get. The L50 colors for everyone also requires a huge time investment, enough so that you should have a good understanding of that character by the time you’re done.

Honestly, if you guys are having trouble with SL, my suggestion is to go play survival, start on easy, and work up until you’ve hit at least 25-26 matches, but try to get even higher if you can. It’s so gradual you’ll get the hang of fighting the AI at harder difficulties in no time.


There is a HUGE difference between unlocking the Astral Plane and reaching Level 50 with a character. Even if you suck at the game, like I do, you will eventually unlock color 9 even if you lose. With the Astral Plane there is no option to grind it out, you simply have to be good or you don’t get it. I think that’s a harsh penalty for a en entire stage.

Again, I don’t get the resistance by people for allowing scrubs like myself to unlock the level more easily. Why does this bother you guys so much when it in no way affects you, your stats, the game as a whole, etc?

Not everything is easy in life buddy…

Aww, c’mon we’re talking about a videogame, what’s with this “easy in life”?
He’s only asking to be able play in a stage.
Better option would be to have Astral plane unlocked at any SL difficulty level, it’s pretty obvious this limitation has been inserted to milk some KI gold (aka real money) use to buy perks, same with the fact the level is not unlocked also for beta users who have already unlocked it…
Regarding me, I found SL boring and not-what-I-look-for-in-a-beat’em up and seeing there are many users reporting bugs about Astral PLane unlock, I’ll wait and see if IG will fix the problem.
I will not even try to play hours and hours grinding endlessy (this game has already enough grinding imho) with the risk of not getting anything at the end, difficult or not.

If it is just a game, then why should he be bothered if he can’t unlock a stage?

More than a videogame it can be a hobby for him. And if i have an hobby i try to get better at it. For example if i ride bike, ill try to make that jump even if it looks hard now. Ill try to do that descent more faster than i can do now. If i do calisthenics i try do do a muscle up even if i cant do a pull up now… Got it?

I refuse to read all the replys. Which yes. Is bad.

You should just grind the easy difficulty for a while. If you not getting near perfects on the Omen’s (withh gargos’ buff’s) your not good enough to play challenging.
Also, learn to play chracters with crazy pokes. I can perfect everything (almost) on the easiest difficulty, and have perfected all of the Omen’s before. Just grind away, get high tier guardians and win at life. Its supposed to be difficult so you come back time after time to slowly improve on your skills and inch closer every other time you play the mode.