Shadow Jago's Trailer & Release Date

Finally! What a way to ring in December, right? We’re so happy to finally be able to bring you Shadow Jago’s trailer, and even better, a release date for the “newest” character coming to KI.

Check out the article for full details:


Can you have my babies? This is so godlike (as soon as the page doesnt give a 404 ;))


“404, the page you are looking for does not exist”. I knew it. Shago doesn’t exist.


This is on purpose. I haven’t hit publish yet, but I want to troll one last little bit.


404 Shago´s not found xD

Lol! Maaaaaaan XD

mean, that is…

You’re a mean one, but at the same time my joy can spare you… for now.

Y u do dis mayn

OMFGOMFGOMFGOMFGOMFG holy hell guys. That ultra looks awesome

That trailer was freakin amazing!! Holy crap!! He looks so awesome!! That freakin sword uppercut! The teleports! The divekick! The ultra! The ULTIMATE! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I loved it! And the KI logo at the end was bada**! I’m so excited! (Had to be right before finals though -.-") needless to say, I will be neglecting my coursework :stuck_out_tongue:

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Boss moves for a boss character.

Wow. Friday can’t come any sooner!

Good to see that you guys got his Ultimate to work on other stages.

He looks absolutely ridiculously in-depth; it’s gonna take a while before anyone unlocks his true potential.

So glad I bought the community pack and got to make this happen along with everyone else in the KI community. Thanks, IG!

why is there no teaser on the end? I want to see Kim wu… KIM WUUU


Really going to be interesting playing him, and looks like he might be difficult to fight against!

Also I thought it was really funny that the next video suggested was a Lego Ninjago trailer… Not quite the same.

The fact that they implied you can use the Ultimate on TJs stage bodes well for S3 giving everyone ultimates

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Why are you making him available during a limited time? Shadow Jago is not a skin anymore. Thanks to us raising funds to make this character a reality, he’s now his own character. That means the gameplay balance will be affected by his inclusion. That’d be like if League of Legends made a brand new character for their game, but only made it available for purchase for a limited time because they could. This artificial scarcity BS is really poor form, Microsoft. And this IS a Microsoft decision. I’m pretty sure Iron Galaxy wouldn’t want something they worked really hard on to be put in a vault forever like a friggin’ Disney movie.


Fantastic trailer. Moves and effects look to surpass expectations.

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A Worthy Opponent Indeed.

What about colors and accessories? Are there any?