Shadow Jago tournament legality discussion

Discuss if Shago should be allowed at tournies or not here. Also if he should be exclusive.

Just out of curiosity why wouldn’t he be allowed in a tournament?

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Oh this isn’t my idea. I just wanted to move the discussion from the bug reporting thread about how Shago shouldn’t be allowed at tournies as long he is exclusive to this thread instead. I think he should be tourny legal.

The exclusivity debacle. The unequal access to Shago is an unfair competitive advantage to those who happen to have been around when he was available.


He should be legal, literally every KI player has had and will continue to have multiple opportunities to buy him, it’s not like he’s exclusive in the sense that you can never get him again. And even if you don’t own him you can still train against him and learn the match ups so it’s not like you’re going into a tournament fighting against a character you’ve never fought before. The only potential problem I see is that some tournaments might not realize the Shago situation and won’t have him installed on certain consoles but that is easily remedied (and as far as I know hasn’t been an issue yet.)

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None of this makes you tug at your collar anxiously?

I think he is fine. Even if you have not purchased him yet for whatever reason you can still fight Shadow Jagos online, and you can fight as Shagos in Shadow Lab all day if you want, so it isn’t like people are incapable of learning the match up.

But you can’t play as Shago, and you can’t take him into practice mode and lab things out with replay or explore his frame data. All of these are competitive disadvantages.

I would assume that if you don’t buy any of the other characters you have the same disadvantage, so if lack of purchase is an argument then the same argument should be made for every character.

The difference is that every other character is always available for purchase in the store in some form.

But every player of the game had the same opportunities to purchase the character. If a player chooses to not purchase for whatever reason when the opportunity presents, there’s not much to be done.

But you can still fight Shago users, which is a much more valuable method of learning match ups than knowing frame data. Just hop onto a tournaments player’s stream and you’ll see that they’re constantly challenging people that are good with characters instead of just sitting in training mode looking at frames. You’re only at a disadvantage of you intended on playing Shago yourself.

To borrow your earlier argument, would you be okay with every character becoming exclusive in a similar manner because, similarly, every player has had an opportunity to purchase the character at some point?

I’m not comparing the relative value of different means of learning a matchup. I think you need all of it to be effective: precise data, the lab for testing, the ability to play matches as the character itself, resources outside the game, and, of course, competitive Shago players to play sets against. Not having access to any one of those things is a handicap.

Not only is Shago’s exclusivity a competitive disadvantage for literally any KI player who starts playing since the last purchasable window passed (some time in January?), but it’s also, frankly, a super ■■■■ move.

There is no reason for Shadow Jago to be an exclusive character. Maybe he isn’t in a season bundle because of the weird circumstances surrounding his development, but put him in the store, permanently, for $5, just like every other piecemeal character is.

Saying “you could have bought him even if you didn’t have an Xbox 6 months ago” is not viable. Asking people to fork over $60 for a year of XBL Gold, if they can even find one of those day 1 cards in their country anymore, is not viable.

This has gone on long enough.

It is my sincere hope that, when Season 3 launches, Shadow Jago is available permanently in the store and as part of the Utlimate Season 3 bundle that gives you everything from all the seasons. If this isn’t the case, I can (sadly) see a legitimate argument for banning him from tournaments. I have faith that the developers will do the right thing here, though, and make this entire discussion a total non-issue.


I’m bias because I own all the characters, and I also don’t play in tournaments. That said, I wouldn’t have a problem.

Oh, I own all the characters, if that’s where this is going.

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I have the feeling Shago will be part of the true complete edition.

I think those replying that you can get sufficient matchup advantage from playing other Shago players don’t have a proper understanding of what really qualifies breaking down a character

Tons of small-but-important details. After a Light Ragged Edge will Sabrewulf’s backstep from s.HK make Shago’s standing medium whiff? Multiply small questions like that times 1,000 and now you have a generous idea of what constitutes proper matchup experience.

Players who bought the game after Shago’s availability have a distinct disadvantage and this is not fit for tournament play.

I agree. This was going to be my stance on the topic. I was going to illustrate how bout having shadow jago available could segment knowledge of his moves. You can’t lab him if you don’t own him.