Shadow Jago release date?!

I bet!!


It’s a fair bet…

Hey @rukizzel or some other moderator, can we maybe get some of the myriad Shadow Jago release date threads combined together?

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I’ll wait for official word, not about to get my hopes up.

Misleading post why am i not surprised

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That click bait though :smirk:

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That’s great.

I mean, Shadow Jago could release any day at this point. If he doesn’t get a release date by the end of November, we can tell IG will pretty much drop him on us with an “available today” thing. These topics are honestly a waste of time. Glad you’re excited, but be patient.

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That’s a very good one man :wink:

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That’s not the date (we haven’t released it yet) – but I like the image!


Really hoping we hear something soon. I love the character bios (really psyched for Orchid’s today!), but doesn’t it feel like the info trickle should’ve started by now? I know, I know… Patience. I’m not angry or anything like that, but it just feels like it’s been a while since MS/IG went radio silent. :pensive:

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are they gonna follow their usual modus operandi of stream first and then trailer? because if so, I can’t see shago coming out this month.

only IG/MS know it! :wink:


Woah, Kraig! I was thinking I hadn’t seen you post at all on these new forums lol glad to know you’re still around.
It’s too bad that’s not the real date, but I look forward to an announcement!

The wait is killing me. Even when I try to ignore it.

Max just posted a video about how “shadow jago is coming”. Does he have privileged info?

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november 22 :kissing_heart:

The title was a question not an answer. You got your hoped up.

[quote=“Filemoncio, post:15, topic:2530”]
Max just posted a video about how “shadow jago is coming”. D
[/quote] Probably. He has had a lot of inside access to the game since it was announced and has done credited work on the S2 story mode.

He did say he was going to have exclusive footage and he pretty much works on the game so I’d say yeah.

THE HYPE OMG XD I can’t wait!