Shadow Fighters- New Leaderboard Scoring- What you need to know

Hi everyone,

With the release of 3.5, we did some really cool changes to Shadow Lab, starting with a new Leaderboard system!

  • Highest Wins Leaderboard: We replaced shadow ranking - a cryptic number based on win/loss formula- with straight up most # of wins = top shadows in the world.
  • Challenge Point Tiers win based only: We got rid of the formula here too, now to grow your shadow from a 50 point fledgling to a monster 1000 point nightmare just requires your shadow get enough wins.

But for your existing (pre 3.5) shadow to be in this new leaderboard, you have to do a few simple things as follows:

  • Go into Shadow Lab, select your shadow and then check the new leaderboard. Make sure you are there. If you have 2 shadows, do this with each.

  • To be certain you shadow is up to date, we advise you update your shadow with at least 1 new recording. This also helps make sure your shadow is active so it can be found by others and picked randomly in Shadow Survival and Shadow Lords!

Back to leaderboard changes- why we changed to wins: We had tons of great shadows that were ranked low and like 1 1000 point tier shadow that would get farmed and knocked back down. With shadoow skins and Shadows in Shadow Lords coming with 3.5, we wanted to to make sure we had all the tiers filled out so there were more diverse fights and more potential for them to be found (and thus earn points for you).

Other changes:

  • We increased the shadow points rewards for defeating shadows, when shadows win, bounty rewards are higher, etc. When shadows win they earn much more than before, make a winning shadow and watch the points start flying in!

  • Added Shadow Lords participation bonus points for a loss. Players in Shadow Lords do not have to own a shadow to fight yours, which can result in a bounty that cannot be avenged (a bounty with a value of - - is such a shadow lords loss) so we made sure your shadow earns at all times in Shadow Lords appearances. Oh and in Shadow Lords, your shadow may have crazy buffs just like mimics, something to give them a better chance against Guardians and other player buffs!

  • All shadows now automatically wear the new Shadow Skins when fighting for you. You can now also unlock or buy these to wear in any of the other modes- and for anyone that has a retro, the shadow skin works on both default and retro costumes (for the 1 unlock or purchase)! Note: must own the retro to use.

We are really excited to finally have new Shadow Lab and Shadow Fighter features out. Tell us what you think, post clips from your best shadow win (or loss) replays, happy training!!



I liked to use Shadow Labs before the update (followed by playin’ Shadow Lords a lot) these changes are welcome for me (I already started to have fun hunting Shadows in Shadow Lords and keep doing the same stuff in Shadow Labs as well).

I Love the new Shadow Skins! Setting up my characters with the accessories with the Shadow/Mimic skins. Can’t wait for the Terror skin. It’s great to use all my accumulated Shadow Points! Keep up the work. Season 4, looking forward to it. Can’t stop having fun with my Shadow Jago ULTIMATE! KI4LIFE!

Thanks for the info :wink:


Awesome to see the new leaderboard changes. And I’m glad to see the point increases.

Anyway, i have a few questions:

  1. Is it possible to get notifications when you have a bounty match ready to go? It would be pretty nice to get notified when you shadow was beaten if you are online in a different mode. Trading matches with other players who are online at the time is very fun.

  2. My shadow was defeated by someone apparently in SLs, so now I have one of those matches with the “–” next to it. How do you clear it? Or does it just stay for some undisclosed amount of time.

@developers thanks for all that you do. Hope your having a great Thanksgiving!

these skins are really nasty. Skin mimic and shadow differ only with color. Too much smoke from the knee, is expected to improve the effect and make it more credible. have already improved the visual effect of shadow moves, you can always improve.

Thanks for making Shadow Labs great again!!!

Goddard 2016!!!

Whooot whoot!


we were just discussing the need to be able to clear shadow lords bounties you cannot avenge (person did not own a shadow of the character that beat you). This will be awhile (if at all), for now just have to let them wash off the list over time.

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This probably isn’t the place for this, but I just created a shadow for the first time yesterday and I noticed a few things:

-I’ve been playing shadow survival and winning some matches, yet my win/loss total is still 0-0. Why is that?

-I also have the option to select a color in the customize part of Shadow Lab, yet once I go in to a match, it automatically reverts back to the default color. Is this a bug?

Either way, I’m training up my mediocre Sadira and having a good time doing it!

The win loss ratio is your shadows not your own, when your shadow has fights it will change :wink:


Ah THANKS! That makes a lot more sense now. Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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One of my shadows was defeated in Shadow Lords mode by someone who didn’t have a shadow (yet), but the interesting thing is that the fight outcome didn’t seem to affect my shadow’s win/loss record.

I’m not sure if that’s intentional or if the 2 things are related, but I thought I’d post about it here just in case.

There are some high-ranking shadows out there (like 1000 SP shadows) that frankly I find pretty bad – really easy to beat, even for a mediocre player like me. Under this system, since it’s purely based on wins, will these shadows forever be 1000 point shadows? I mean, I feel that number of wins obviously has some correlation with the quality of the shadow, but is also just a function of its “discoverability”. Like it feels more skewed towards quantity rather than quality, when it comes to wins and leaderboard positioning. Of course almost any leaderboard positioning in any game involves quantity (you gotta play lots to rank up), but I’m just curious if this is really what was intended.

I’m not gonna lie – I’m just farming shadow points and trying to find shadows that are high cost but have terrible W/L ratios. I find this is a pretty easy metric for finding farmable shadows. But seems counter intuitive to me to find 500 and 1000 SP cost shadows with like 1:3 W/L ratios ranked so high just because people are probably farming them or picking on them as easy prey (like I am!). Occasionally they will get a win here and there and that keeps them atop the leaderboards… but it doesn’t really seem intuitive to me that such bad shadows get high leaderboard/cost status.

Nope, I still can’t play it. I used to play a lot, but now it frezze when I begin a fight and every fighter I send just die when I reload. For all we know, after the Turn 20, you can’t continue.
Until that bug is resolved, I can’t play Shadow Lords anymore unless I accept to lose all my progress. Sad, it was a lot of fun…

Yup intentional. We figure with all the shadow lords buffs/items there is no fair way to count a loss, we only do losses outside of SL mode

But, in SL mode we do 2 cool things:

  • on a loss, your shadow earns 50% of its tier value for playing a part in someone’s mission. When you have a say 500 point shadow, that’s a nice 250 SP in the bank towards your grind for shadow skins!
  • if your shadow wins, you get 125% of the tier value!! Overcoming those kind of odds rewards your shadow well!

Now imagine you train up a shadow that is winning a lot you will be racking up points over time.


All fair and solid observations. In rolling out shadows to shadow lords we chose to make sure there were more shadows in all tiers.

We changed the scoring to wins and started 1000 lower at first. Once we have enough strong ones we are going to adjust the criteria. In the meantime farm those shadows :wink: