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Hey guys!

its OVER! Season 3 is pretty much wrapped up? How does it compare? shall we discuss and vote?

Why not! Lets see what we feel as a collective hard core!

Please bare in mind this is ONE game now. The existence of the definitive edition wipes out most of the bellow comparison but hey its fun to see where this game has shined and where we might have missed a trick?

:chart_with_upwards_trend: LETS GO! :chart_with_upwards_trend:

#VOTE TO THE END! (Season Vs vote is the last vote listed!)


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#What season was you MOST hyped for?
(Hype? did someone say hype? This could come from the game being announced after 18 years or the way the game was advertised or teased by MS with their various trailers? it could even come from your favourite character coming next or maybe your favourite Guest character being featured. Maybe its shadow lords or ranked leagues that got you most hyped?)

[poll name=HYPE]

  • Season 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 3

#What was your favourite season for the character roster?
(What Season offered you your favourite roster)

[poll name=Roster]

  • Season 1 (Jago, Glacius, Sabre Wulf, Thunder, Sadira, Orchid, Spinal, Fulgore, Sahdow Jago)
  • Season 2 (Tj Combo, Maya, Kan Ra, Riptor, Omen, Aganos, Hisako, Cinder, Aria, Shadow Jago (Real boy)
  • Season 3 (Kim Wu, Tusk, Rash, Raam, Arbiter, Mira, Eyedol, Gargos)

What season had the best NEW characters?

(News what keeps us playing right? what season offered the best new characters)

[poll name=New]

  • Season 1 (Sadira, Sahdow Jago)
  • Season 2 (Kan Ra, Aganos, Hisako, Aria, Shadow Jago (Real boy)
  • Season 3 (Rash, Raam, Arbiter, Mira)

#What Season offered the best redesign for a classic character?
(We loved them before right? But what season made them even better!)

[poll name=Classic]

  • Season 1 (Jago, Glacius, Sabre Wulf, Thunder, Orchid, Spinal, Fulgore)
  • Season 2 (Tj Combo, Maya Riptor, Cinder)
  • Season 3 (Kim Wu, Tusk, Gargos, Eyedol)

#What delivery did you prefer?
(Ki came to us in many forms check the bellow to let us know what you loved most!)

[poll name=Delivery]

  • Season 1 (E3 main stage announcement, Trailers, 6 character launch, two DLC added after with teasers and trailers before release)
  • Season 2 (E3 back stage announcement, TJ Combo preview demo, 2 Characters at launch followed by teaser and trailers every month before the character release, Omen as a surprise character and christmas accessories.
  • Season 3 (Gamescom announced Rash playable in demo form, trailers with teasers added after, E3 Main stage trailer for Raam, Some characters with no trailers at all. Launched with 4 characters 4 added as DLC

#What NEW game system did you prefer?
(Keep it simple? Air combo breakers and air captures are life! Stagers and flip outs have made this game so fun!)

[poll name=system]

  • Season 1 Simple original
  • Season 2 Air Breakers and recaptures
  • Season 3 Flip out, Stagger and Combo breaker resets

#Best ranked system?
(Ranked has changed allot! How did you like it best?)

[poll name=Ranked]

  • Season 1 Ranked number system
  • Season 2 Ranked leagues
  • Season 3 Ranked leagues with tougher difficulty and reset for inactive killers

#Game modes, what Season did you prefer?
(What modes did you prefer? What season has the best original mode or maybe the one you just like most or value the most?)

[poll name=mode]

  • Season 1 Dojo, Survival, Story
  • Season 2 Shadow Lab, Story, Combo breaker practice
  • Season 3 Shadow lords ranked, Shadow lords

#What season had the best Story mode.
(What modes did you prefer?)

[poll name=story]

  • Season 1 classic story
  • Season 2 classic story with more visuals and nurator
  • Season 3 Shadow lords team play quest mode

#Best stages?
(Stages? YES MUMMA! What season had the best stages? This isn’t about volume it could just be about what your favourites are!? Maybe stage enders have something to do with this maybe they dont!?)

[poll name=stage]

  • Season 1 9 stages ( includes shadow Jagos night stage)
  • Season 2 8 stages
  • Season 3 4 stages (One shadow lords astral plane)

#Best Ultras
(Think of your top 5 ultras? What season has the most in that top 5?)

[poll name=ultra]

  • Season 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 3

#Best music?
(Oh she’s a killer… What season had the best tunes??)

[poll name=music]

  • Season 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 3

#Who is the best new character designed for Killer isntinct.
(No Guests allowed! Only new KI properties designed by IG, MS and DH)

[poll name=best]

  • Sadira
  • Shadow Jago
  • Kan Ra
  • Omen
  • Aganos
  • Hisako
  • Aria
  • Mira

#Best Graphics, animation and in game visuals
(Visuals who did it best? What was your favourite, think of the character effects and animation, stage lighting changes etc)

[poll name=graphics]

  • Season 1 was the best animated and had the best background visuals, 720p
  • Season 2 has the best new effects and the backgrounds were stunning 900p
  • Season 3 The re lighting has moved this game into the next Gen along with the PCS 1080p visuals.

#What season is your No1
(Add all of the above up… what season is your ULTIMATE season? It might be the season that just feels the most magical to you?)

[poll name=no1]

  • Season 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 3



Love Wanda!

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You should have made votes public :frowning:

how do u do that dayv0 to be honest i think its nice to keep it a secret :smiley: lol

I refused to answer the last one but other than that good polls.

  1. Season 2

  2. Season 2

  3. Season 2

  4. Season 3

  5. Season 3

  6. Season 2

  7. Season 3

  8. Season 3.

  9. Season 3.

  10. Season 3.

  11. Season 2.

  12. Season 2.

  13. Kan-Ra

  14. Season 3.

  15. Can’t choose.

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Season 3 excelled but alot of my votes went to season 2 simply for fangasm inducing return of my mains TJ Combo and Riptor. That and ARIA was best new design with interchangable bodies (Hisako is based on a style of character seen a thousand times - sorry)


I Thanks Wanda, I came in here with some anxietybut this is a nicely done and very positive poll.

I didn’t answer some of the questions because I couldn’t or I didn’t think my answer really made sense in the context of the poll.

I did pick Season One for the final question, but I have to explain that. Season 1 is OBJECTIVELY worse than s2 or 3 in myriad ways. Forget subjective issues if gameplay etc. it was buggy and unfinished with a small roster a messed up UI and poor ranked system and there just wasn’t nearly as much KI. But it’s impossible to top my enthusiasm for the first new bit of KI in 17 years. I would never want to go back to S1, or suggest that it was better in any measurable way. But my feeling of excitement on Xbox launch day just waiting for it to download so I could get at itcant be matched by any other game in history. The closest comparison is the first home release of SF2 on SNES.


I would like to parrot his statement. Some of this was hard to choose because while Season 3 is definitely better than S1 is gameplay wise, S1 was so hype just because KI came back!! Hell, the “coming to your home in 2013” trailer still gets me hyped up.
On the other hand, I kinda wonder if the results of this might somewhat be skewed simply because S3 is the new hotness and S1 is the old & busted.

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Thank you andy! :heartbeat: ive tried to keep it as positive as possible all season have offered greatness.

I TOTALLY get this! I was the same! We waited SO long for this game and it even came with the classic!! perfection!

Of course Season 3 is the best season for game play and balances but this is how they fall for me:

#No1 Season 2:
Cemented KIs importance and showed IG could create new fun characters that fit into the games style, not only didnt they fit but some were better! it also refined and added to an already great base. Perfect trailers / teasers/ walkthroughs / character launch EVERY single month with out fail! During this time i tuned into more KI events and news that at any other time. The bump to 900P was a nice touch too. Extra accessories Extra characters and a totally redesigned ranked system! Classic costumes by Kevin Bayliss were also much better in my opinion and the introduction of stage enders was a nice if little un fished touch.

Score 9.5 / 10

#No2 Season 1:

The wait for this game nearly killed me. Orchid, Spinal, Fulgore and that combo system coupled with the new Xbox one pad and i was VERY happy. The Trailers and teasers drove me mental! Ki was fresh new and there was nothing like it out there. It was a true honest fighter. 720p was a bit of a downer. The sound track was SO impressive. The best net code i have ever played from day one!

Score 8.9 / 10

#No3 Season 3:
Shadow lords is brilliant! I love the attention to offline play. Mira, Eyedol, Gargos were on POINT for me! The new lighting is stunning! Too many guests and not enough trailer hype consistently to keep me fully tuned in. Some stages were missing and a “good” soundtrack. But hey we got a PC version what do we expect right some things have to give, but i do feel the games content has given. Overall season 3 is a much more balanced and enjoyable in a game play sense and the increase in PC players online kicked even more life into this game!

Score 8 / 10

#Killer instinct Definitive version:

Rated as ONE game at a decent price with all the above and cross platform buy and play. All those game modes and the diversity of the roaster

Score 10 / 10


After giving my answers it seems I favoured s2 more than anything. New stages, new stage ultras, a raft of new character and I like what they did with story mode.

Don’t get me wrong, I preferred s3 music and SL is a great mode. But 4 new stages let it down a tad and 3 guests as well. Revisions of existing Stages for the other characters would’ve elevated it higher. As well as proper SL story telling.

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Im SO shocked S1 isnt winning the favourite cast vote. WOW!

I votes for S2 but never thought it would lead.

Take a tip IG we love your creations so dont borrow create.

Season 3 has Kim Wu and Arbiter.

I don’t see how you can vote for the other two.



IMO best character designs (gameplay only), in no particular order:


Honorable mentions:
Aria and Spinal


Kan ras voice is the best thing going in the entire game. I love everything about the guy.

Make him the new announcer.
S2 for the win.

Well him and maya


Season 3 is my favourite. Shadow Lords is the single player mode I’m having the most fun with. Reminds me of Soul Calibur 2’s story mode. But there is no denying that every season had its highlights.

Season 1’s music and multiple ending story modes were great.

Season 2 introduced new characters and a cool female (female?) Boss villain in ARIA, plus narrated story endings and new game mechanics.

Season 3 introduced guest characters which IMO are amazing no matter how much the naysayers disagree. Plus the Gargos and Eyedol redesigns are (again in my own personal opinion) legitimately God Tier.

All in all, I’m a happy marshmallow XD


Like I said earlier:

This! You got the voice actor to record for the emporium, why not make him as a new announcer

S1 anticipation after so many years it’s the most hype moment ever. I voted mainly for s3 and s2 because s1 is VERY obsolete in terms of gameplay (IMO the game evolved in the best possible way), but my joy when I played the game for the first time was immense

My top moments with the game:

S1 release
Fulgore release
Omen release (he really clicked something on me)
Aganos release (my favourite character release so far)
S3 launch
Gargos and Eyedol release (my favourite characters back again!)


I like all of the seasons for different reasons.

Season 1
+Great roster of classic characters
+Love how different Sadira was in terms of her look and how she played
+Amazing music
+Addition of colors and accessories were a welcome surprise
+Survival and dojo modes, both great, and have spent a great deal of time in both
+Unlockable secret arena

-Gameplay was fun at the time, but looking back now, it was a tad simplistic
-Not a fan of the UI. Looked very unfinished
-The retros, while a nice idea, could’ve been executed better
-The story endings were too small, too quick, and should’ve evolved over what old KI did

Season 2
+Love recapture mechanic
+Every new character design felt fresh, unique and played wonderfully
+The more complex character designs were a welcome evolution over season 1
+Kan Ra… Such an amazing character!
+Great story mode which was a huge step up over what season 1 did
+Loved the character rebalance for the season one characters
+Shadow Lab was an awesome idea

-UI utility improved, but still not a fan of the style, plus a lot of differences in UI in various places
-Didn’t really love the roll out with only two characters at launch
-Introduction of microtransactions

Season 3
+Shadow Lords is AMAZING
+Flipout mechanic is great
+Mira might be my favorite character in the game
+Gargos and Eyedol designs are fantastic
+Loved four characters at launch and that two of them were Tusk and Kim Wu
+Select screen improvements a big plus
+Love the stage relighting
+Level 4 enders effect is really cool and unobtrusive to me
+Kan Ra in the emporium… This mummy absolutely needs to be an announcer option
+Unlockable secret arena plus mimic skins (would love even more SL rewards tho!)

-Kinda feel like one guest would’ve been enough. Three seems like a bit much
-Still miss the stages for Mira and Eyedol
-Purple shadow moves still kinda seem unnecessary and look a bit worse than black shadows
-As great as Shadow Lords is, I still kinda feel like there could be more story in there

Really, trying to choose which is the best season for me almost feels like a parent picking their favorite kid. Season 3, for me, probably had the highest highs (Shadow Lords, Mira, Eyedol and Gargos) and the lowest lows (three guests, fewer arenas) but even then, those lows aren’t that low to me and I still thought that it was an amazing season overall.

Season 2 was great because I honestly worried for the future of this game after season 1, and it miraculously turned out to be even better (IMO). Sure, a few small downers, but the story, the rebalance, and all of those amazing new character designs. Kan Ra’s still one of the coolest characters I’ve ever used in a fighting game.

But that season 1 announcement after so many years of waiting… How do you top that? Plus seeing updated versions of so many classic characters and getting those teaser moments for the first time at the end of each trailer. That was so cool! Plus actually playing it using my brand new Xbox One and finding out that this virtually unknown developer had actually succeeded in making a good, fun fighting game? Pure magic.

So yeah, I honestly can’t choose. I know I did, but I actually forgot now lol. Each season is awesome, and it’s pretty great to see that people don’t seem to be ruled by nostalgia here. Just shows me that this game keeps getting better and better. Hopefully, the best is yet to come (though I have no idea how they’ll top themselves if season 4 happens!)


I get this… shadow lords is great i do wish it was a bit more visuals though.

So much text. Whats written is intresting but its almost displayed as a menu

I mostly voted for everything S2 for obvious reasons.