Season 4 trailer deleted?

So I was browsing through my notifications and noticed the official killer instinct Twitter account had tweeted “Season 4 Trailer!” With a YouTube link. Naturally I clicked on it as fast as I could but then Twitter couldn’t find the tweet. It had been deleted. Smells like someone accidently published something too soon…


You are asking for trouble young man.


I would much rather have a new game at this point. I can’t help but not be excited for this

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Did u screenshot this? :slight_smile:

I actually dont want a new game for a while when we just got the game pretty balanced during this last patch just slightly over 2 months ago. Im down for playing this version for years personally, but id love more stage ultras and ultimates for all!


I know KI Memes was passing around a joke of it and KI commented, it might be that. I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much though. Honestly, I hope it’s not lol. I need a new KI.


I clicked on it when it was up. It was a rickroll

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And here I thought April 1st wasn’t for a few months, gotta start early I guess.



KI MeMes is my other twitter account. :wink:


Because it never existed…?

Oh man I was feeling INCREDIBLY excited…any chance there’s something to this ? Or are you guys saying it was fake … can’t really tell

Well, with no proof to back it up with, it could easily be fake.
All we can do is wait and see if there’s anything to it.

That would’ve been the ultimate way to kick off the launch of the Xbox One X… :star_struck: #soon?


Im not making it up. I would have taken a screenshot but I didn’t know it was deleted when I clicked on it. Now if there was a fake meme trailer going around, like some of you mentioned, I can see that maybe they tweeted it but then realized it might give people the wrong impression if the official ki Twitter tweets out “season 4” so they deleted the tweet.

As we all know, nothing on the internet is ever truly gone. I don’t know whether it was a fake or a marketing mishap, but hopefully we can get some clarification here.

Yesterday peak players on steam was 47. Ask yourselves is there Season 4 coming or not.

(for christ sake even 3rd Strike on Fightcade has bigger traffic)

I mean killer instinct always has some crazy leaks ether way

Well, Rukari was just tweeting, asking if anyone had the fan-made KI Season 4 trailer before someone told him it was fake. My guess is that he’s either trolling / covering up a mishap, or much more realistically, it was a joke by someone not related to the dev team or MS and it was quickly deleted.

Either way, it makes me sad. I REALLY want a 4th season!! :slight_smile:


Yeah I mean at this point for some reason even though the game is kind of complete and seems like it may be done. If season 4 were announced I’d probably be more excited about that than any of the other seasons combined lol

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LEts burn it up! :grin: