Season 3 UI being shown today!

That’s what both @KillerInstinct and @rukizzel just posted on twitter a few minutes ago. Apparently the twitch stream will start in about twelve minutes (currently 4:48 CT, so it’ll start at 5pm CT).

Man, that’s going to hit right on my commute home! Hopefully I get a bunch of red lights. :slightly_smiling:

Also hope some of you wonderful people can post some pics of it. Really curious to see how it looks!!

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Oh Snap :open_mouth:

I forgot about that. Do you know if it’s on the Official KI Channel?


Hey sorry, should’ve posted that. Yes, it is on the official KI channel.

Oooh, nice, then I can see it before bedtime. ^^

Thanks Rukari! Are you dropping in chat, or participating?

both lol!

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New UI and “A couple of other things” whaaaaaaat??

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Oh no… prepare for the barrage of “IF RASH GOT A THONG THEN WHY NOT KIM WU?!” comments…

That zoom in on Orchid as she did the Air Buster ender… that was AWESOME!


am melting all the “other things” they are gorgeous

Anyone have screenshots? I can’t watch right now.

It’s reminiscent of guilty gear last hit thing. So exciting. Once it gets polished it’s gonna be crazy

@RGLOfficial I’ll start uploading mine ASAP


Seeing that the music tracks are being separated from the stages kinda bugs me, since this is their “solution” to the 3 stages fiasco. I guess it all goes back to how disappointed I am that the season 3 characters only get music and no stages, the music is supposed to be a part of the stage not a separate thing.

Oh well, no use getting upset about it. Hopefully season 3’s positives outweigh all of the disappointments thus far.


oh man, Spinal pinkish skulls…why? Just why?

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They are purple because they steal shadow meter and the shadow meter is now purple. It makes sense.

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Whaaaaat!!!..This is legit as f@ck!!!

Yeah, makes sense…too bad.

Guys… screenshots… please…

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Orchid’s hair and face looked so good on Fulgore’s stage. The new lighting is truly amazing!