Season 3 Launch Issues

Which bundle are you trying to purchase?

I know we are looking in to this one as well. Just saw an email on it not too long ago.


This happens with all bundles and any individual characters, but I’m attempting to purchase the 49.99 Supreme bundle.
I am also not a German resident, thought I’d clarify that since I know people in Germany were having issues with it.

Anyone know if you can find the App on the computer somewhere so you can run it as admin for streaming purposes?

I am having this exact same issue. I have tried everything in the solution page and nothing works. I just hope they find a fix for this because I really want to play this game. So IG can you notice this problem?

hi just let you guys know. That cross buy is not working on my windows 10 pc. I bought all 3 seasons and every characters are unlocked on my xbox but aren’t showing up on windows 10 version. Game is beautiful and runs very smooth. just the cross buy problem.

I can’t download the game off of the Windows Store. Yes, I have the latest Windows 10 Build. I’ve tried every single possible solution and none of them work. Even Microsoft Support were unhelpful. Everytime I try to download it, it gets to 1 GB before giving me a 0x80073CF9 error. Any solution?

Mostly everything is working fine, but a big problem I’m running into is during online matches. I’m able to join matches but sometimes my opponent ends up disconnecting, and I can’t tell if it’s something happening on my end or theirs. I’m playing on PC. Also I went through the steps for the Teredo address and it appears like everything is working fine.

I have been waiting for KI on PC for long time and everything seems to be working great. I only have couple of questions. I have KI themed arcade cabinet with monitor that is 1280x1024 any chance that this resolution will be ever supported? The other thing is that I use ipac keyboard encoder and I can’t configure input for second player any chance you will add 2 player option on one keyboard?
Thanks in advance!


I’m on the xbox1 and I’m not sure if anyone else is having this issue but now I can’t get through more than 1 exhibition match without it disconnecting us… we only live 2 states away and we played all the time previously with no problems, are these discon issues with ig or xbox?

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After fixing the teredo problem i still cant connect to matches. my friends can play multiplayer but when trying to play with me i have no luck. i had the same problem most of season 2 as it happened twice and it never got resolved. i forwaded all the ports too. nothing is working. the ports arent open when i check them too. is that the problem? please help. i have had this issue for over 6 months now. It only happens for this game.

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Same here. Trying toi set this up in an actual arcade cabinet, but without 2-players from a single keyboard it won’t work.
Someone else told me that 2-players from one keyboard works, but if that’s true I sure can’t figure out how.

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what was your teredo problem? and how did you fix that problem?

i went into the xbox app and it said could not retrieve my teredo address so i followed instructions on how to fix it and i got it to say obtained. so that is fine but i still cant connect to matches. That is what they said to do if your having multiplayer troubles and yet it didnt work at all.

I’ve encountered 2 problems so far:
Note: I own all 3 seasons Ultra editions on the Xbox Side and am attempting to play on PC

  1. Season 1 Characters do not show up on PC as owned. All season 2 and 3 characters as well as Shago are playable. All points, ranks, colors and items have moved for the characters that do show up and this months Free Character Saberwolf also shows his proper rank info.

  2. Poor performance while running SLI on Nvidia 980m cards.

I verified that the latest drivers were installed.

System specs are:
GTX 980M with 8gb of RAM
i7-4980HQ CPU @280ghz with 24 gb of RAM

System failed to run even at 1080p. Disabling SLI support allows the system to run at 2560 x 1440 with all options ON except for anti- aliasing.

I posted this in another thread already but i’ll leave it here. Not able to log into live and game freezing on loading screen after character and stage selection on all modes.

Thanks for these. We are still investing the issues listed in this thread, and every bit of information you post helps.

i havent heard of anyone else having a problem like mine but it has happened for the past few months. any advice would be much appreciated, because i want to be able to play in the ranked league reset but i cant.

Game looks and runs great on my PC, but my billing information does not show up when I use the in-game store.
When it asks me to create a new billing profile it is locked to the USA. I have switched my xbox region to Canada, and I can even see that it attempts to check my billing info (shows up for a second greyed out before it tells me to create a new profile).

Hope this helps

The game runs great on the PC, however I am having an issue where when I finish a fight and the stats popup almost everything says “Text unavailable” every category, also having the issue with not being able to get my purchases from Xbox One except shadow jago.