S3 cast discussion (1 silhouette made canon hm!?)

Fan art or not if Season 3 turns out like this I’ll be pleased! Minus Shadow Orchid, I personally think that idea’s silly.

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I think the Medusa character is a neat idea.

Well Rash actually is.

for me i will say a some kind of vimpire … as @TempusChaoti he metion on some social networks is a character that we would like to explore if is possible… and i think ther is a big potencial on that and hope comes real…

i would like some thing like this comcept

My second attempt at a vampire character.

If you’re wondering about the scars and metal spear hand she was badly wounded by Sabrewulf and is now out for revenge also the the metal spear can be fired like a chain harpoon as a long ranged attack similar to Scorpion or Baiken. The metal spear in it’s normal stance folds out to be a 3 piece robotic claw.

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i dont know if can feet into Killer Instinct bu maybe to have a kind of angel character i thinks can be very cool. maybe hunting some kind of demon…


To be fair, kim is the first KI original to debut in season 3.
everyone else was betting on tusk being the first character to debut in season 3.
a guest character should not even count.

I don’t know who you mean by “everyone” but I thought it could go either way. I’m thinking Tusk is probably after Wu and Gargos will be the final character.

Canon is a very fickle thing. Sometimes fan-art lines up with canon, other times official works get retconned and made non-canon.
The Star Wars extended universe was canon…until it wasn’t.
Jurassic Park 3 and the Lost World were canon…until they weren’t.
MK1 through Armageddon were canon (though the time travel bs makes it harder to pinpoint this one)

Hell, a lot of KI’s back story has been made non-canonical. No mention of Eyedol, TJ got his eye back, Riptor’s no longer just a snake-human hybrid, most of KI2 is missing, etc.

I wouldn’t be so quick to jump on the canon train, OP :stuck_out_tongue: Nothing is canon until its confirmed canon, so for now we should play the waiting game.
Plus, they whole developer statement saying “we have nothing to do with this” means you should probably take this sort of thing with a grain of salt.
Believe me, I’m hoping for a medusa style character, but I’m not going to get my hopes up.

Yo that Bow and Arrow character! Hmmm. Interesting.

I think the work is great and he def put alot in to it…but…I dont care for any of these characters or images.

Maybe the vampire…but im not liking the rest…but thats just my opinion

Rizzo is def talented though

Whoa… That’s pretty awesome. A style like that could look amazing in KI. Good call, man.

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well it’s true… i called it.


I’m happy for you that’s great.

Oliver Queen confirmed?

Lol. I think the new characters are just creations. Tusk and Kim Wu we’re already confirmed if there was a Season 3 and Gargos was also practically confirmed so those were practically given from that S3 concept art. The only Veteran that hasn’t been confirmed is Eyedol but I don’t think he’s gonna be in the 3rd season based on the impressions I got from Adam in the S2 forums.

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Wasn’t a KI2 something with Time travel and how the heroes traveled back through time? Maybe that caused stuff to change. Then Present Jago and other characters got born(again like they were) but the world is different because of the stuff they did in the pasr?


It was but everything that happened in KI1 and 2 has been retconned since this is a reboot.

It actually is using KI 1 & 2 stuff as their story. While yes, It is a reboot, I don’t think they just want to start KI’s story from scratch, so they are trying very hard to keep everything we know with KI, and just add upon it.

Yes,but IG,DH and microsoft decided to just do away with the KI2 story and sorta mix up both KI games, retelling KI keeping old aspects of the classics to appeal to the older players, with a newer twist to appeal to newer players.