S3 cast discussion (1 silhouette made canon hm!?)

I am guessing that all veterans from both KI will return… I know Kim was a least favorite, and everybody had mixed feeelings of Eyedol, and Tusk and Gargos were the most requested. I think Kim is definitely first, Eyedol after he gets redesigned will probably be like the fourth fighter, after acouple of new characters Tusk will be next, after more characters then Gargos. IG will add more characcters in a month or so like S! but will possibly follow the S2 formula in saving the highly requested for last (ala Cinder)

I dunno but I’ll tell ya this: I hope it guesses right on the gorgan and eyedowl and tusk and Kim, the others, meh.

i guess it is just fan art but if IG actually put a lamia in the game based on medusa i would send them my whole life savings!!


Only 2 more monster characters. 2 will already be taken by Gargos and Eyedol. That leaves 4 more spots which will be tusk, kim wuu, rash, and one more female character. The rest will probably be guest characters with almost none of them being monsters.

gargos and eyedol arent confirmed. i can see gargos being in and i think a vampire character was hinted at but still…

The fans will revolt if Eyedol doesn’t make it! MAKE IT SO MS/IG!

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Like S2… The Herald of Gargos couldn’t have just been vacationing on Earth and decided “oh hey, this would be a good spot for my master’s summer place after I burn it all down.”

Does anyone else think that the blue female silhouette looks and awful lot like Mileena from MK?

I had said in another post that I have a strange feeling that the other guest character might be her, and now here I am on this post and I see a silhouette that looks just like her… lol

I have mix feelings about that, as we already have to deal with Sadira and her shenanigans…

I personally don’t want any MK characters. If it was up to me i’d have Spawn. I just have a feeling it’s her

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I call it the blue one is Shadow Orchid

Gargos is confirmed.