S3 cast discussion (1 silhouette made canon hm!?)

I have no idea when this surfaced, but apparently the internet decided it was nothing but fanart. Except now we know Rash got canonized. [EDIT: after 11 replies… I’m saying it’s both until one of these fails to appear in the game] It’s not even mathematically possible for a fan to randomly, correctly guess that exact shape of character would show up in the game.

So what do you guys think of the others?


the KI devs themselves said that this was just fanart, if these silhouettes were canon then Kims nunchucks would be shaped like the tease versions.

The red one was a fan version of Vlad Tepes made by a forum member back in the S2 days, same goes for Kim, ppl jump too quickly to conclusions smfh

Oh gawd, I can just hear it when the Archer character comes out.



Hmmmmm maybe :neutral_face:

Confirmed fanart. In some thread a while back, some of the silhouettes were fully shown, revealing to be copied and pasted from different stuff. A Battletoad being in the game was an educated guess that many people believed/wanted. Not random or impossible at all.

Heck, it probably happened because of all the fan hype.

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Yep, its just fan art but they did nail the Battletoad thing though.

Though this may be a fan art, i still called it when i said in the previous forum that kim wu is gonna be the first s3 character.

either way, it’s canon till one of this figures fails to show up in the game. Fancanon

no its not Canon

That’s like saying it’s canon Luke will die in Episode VII until it fails to happen.


Canon until proven guilty?!


I guess I should put up there that ‘fanart’ and ‘canon’ (evidently) don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Rizza D. Marco. KI Italy facebook fanpage. He has nice photoshop and drawing skills.

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Yup, its fan art guys.


I remember seeing this stuff like back in February on the facebook group page. Its 100% fake but would be cool if all of it came true.

Just to add to this…

And this was way back in S1. Rizza D. Marco created that Season 3 silhouette image after posting each individual silhouette in the Ultimate Fans facebook group. He’s got some serious skills when it comes to PS. I use quite a bit of his work in my tweets.

omg so I am employee of IG and did not know? Please IG send me my salary, thank you! :smiley:


Vampire silhouette is my artwork. And Kim Wu also (with some mods) and jesus dude… Battletoads is a very very old bet of people from this forum … since the season 1

And btw



I like the idea of a samurai character but male instead.



Tks dude :grin:

i hope to see one Samurai in S3! Any kind!

Duuude I missed this forum!