Rukari Leaving Us For Crackdown?
Apparently Rukari is moving to the Crackdown team. Maybe a sign that KI is done? No things to announce means no need for an ambassador. Just speculation not fact. This is our second ambassador leaving us. Remember Mike Robles.

Literally two minutes later.


I doubt that means KI is done, people get promotions, move on to other projects. KI didn’t die when DH left and it won’t die if Rukari gets a new job. That being said though, Crackdown? I have never seen the appeal of those games.

EDIT: He’s moving 150ft and then there’s this:


I might give the next one a try if it somehow manages to make good on its potential, but I never really dug the first two.

Man, I must say, not to get off topic, but if Crackdown 3, Sea of Theives and Forza 7 are the big guns MS has for the fall, it might be a lean year for Xbox. :unamused:

Then again, if you’re in to those games, then more power to ya.

That is cool. I thought crackdown 3 was a cancelled project. Good luck with Crackdown 3.

[quote=“xCrimsonLegendx, post:3, topic:17999, full:true”]
That being said though, Crackdown? I have never seen the appeal of those games.[/quote]

You know, they’re not great games but definitely enjoyable enough as a crazy, sandbox game to blow an afternoon on. And if they manage to get the third one as advertised, it should pan out as a fun cross of Sunset Overdrive and GTA.

Maybe this means something for potentially getting the Crackdown Agent in KI. Something I personally love the idea of.


I think that could be pretty cool. I’d be down for that.

congrats on moving up @Ruz … or moving horizontally 150ft

If this is true and the Crackdown agent gets added, then the possibility for JD being in KI is well and truly dead.

No way would they let 3 agents in the game when the outcry against JD’s possible addition has been so vehemently opposed.

As soon as this is confirmed, that’ll be the final nail hammered home.

RIP JD, can’t say we didn’t try. :postal_horn::wave::sob:


This just means that he’s been assigned to work on crackdown. That’s all.


Agreed, that’s what I meant. He’s doing both. It means more of the same for KI. That’s what I was trying to indicate to the OP, who was speculating about KI being done and what not.

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Understandbly he was worried but sometimes we have times where we mistake the forest for the trees.

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Cool, looking forward to seeing Crackdown and I hope it’s ready to come out this year. An Agent as a guest character would be fine but The Voice of the Agency as an announcer option seems a lot cooler.

Well i guess this counts as the first new crackdown news in months? At least it confirms its not cancelled like the rumors have been saying,

I agree. I played the first one and I don’t see the appeal of just running around randomly until enemies show up. Feels like the game was made just for those people who play GTA but without the missions. Just go around the city and make up their own fun. Not my type of game.

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Hey that’s me! :joy:

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I had a feeling y’all would worry. I’ve been on Crackdown as a secondary title since last year. All of us CM’s handle multiple projects at once!

Tomorrow will be the same as yesterday. Basically meaning I’m on both projects for a long time.


thank you for clarifying :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a fan of Crackdown, but as far as other XBL titles go, I’ll get to play Sea of Thieves tomorrow for the 1st time, and I’ve heard really good things. Can’t say more than that, though (I’m under an NDA). :grin:

Rare rules! And @rukizzel too!