Riptor ultimate ideas

Now I’m a huge Riptor fan and main and when I heard that she is getting a ultimate I was happy.But what will it be like?Will she jump on her opponent and breath a huge amount of fire on them or will she do eat them? Your thoughts guys?


Well their is definatley som possibilities. Hopefully she just mauls them like animals. Or maybe kill them with ehr foot claw.

They gave her Orchids old boob flash.


Its good. That’s all I’ll say.

Yea trust me, you’ll guys will like it for sure. It has my seal of approval.

That’s interesting. Most of the people who’ve seen it (myself included) didn’t really like it. I’d personally tell him to manage his expectations :-p

EDIT: well, it’s ok. Not particularly special though IMO.

You saw it?

Don’t play with my emotions like that lol

I approve of this message.

Have Riptor call on a pack of baby’s and they devour the opponent.

I will be curious to see responses…because they have been widely varied like this. I was seriously testing the group at the KIWC when I first showed these to gauge reactions.

Pounced, clawed, and chomped ALL at the same time basically. Enough said :wink:

Just what I have been looking for thank you.

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No problem Riptor fan AND player and overall fellow KI fan :slight_smile:

The Mount Rushmore of Riptors have approved of it, show it shall be!


I hope she eats them burps and farts like the old one :wink: maybe minus the farts. But at least a loud rip of a belch.

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That’s hilariouse, but last time I checked Raptors are not mammals.

If I had to guess, I’m thinking it involves multiple stalker units? I remember them saying that there would be a humorous one and I assumed it would be Kilgore, but it wasn’t really, so now I’m curious if it’ll be Riptor or someone else.

Watch the 3rd one around 35 seconds lol