REALISTIC ideas for future Ultimates

Alright, so now we know what pattern Ultimates followe - they are mix of existing special moves with a little spice in form of brand new animation.

So knowing what we can expect, lets post our suggestions for future Ultimates. Mine go like this:

Spinal: Lock enemy in bone prison and do nothing, just leave him like this to die. OR, modify his throw animation to crush opponent bones like Shinnok does in MK4 and MKX

Orchid: call Firecat to bite enemy to death, similarly like Riptor does in his win animation.

Gargos: do some hand gestures, purple FX surround enemy and turn him into a mimic.

Fulgore: Fulgore calls in bunch other Fulgore units that obliterate opponent with crossfire of Hyper Beams.

Glacius: Freeze up enemy and shatter him, or make him drown into ice puddle like in classic KI.

Rash: summon speedbike, put frightened enemy on it and make it go off, and we can see multiple blinking wall obstruction alerts like in infamous NES levels. Make it suggestive (or put a bike crashing noise few seconds later, watching Rash stupid grin in meantime).

Cinder: put off his mask, white flash of nuclear energy occurs and after that we see Cinder in victory pose and skeleton of opponent.

Eyedol: he performs his infamous bull stomp with recreated sound effect, charges at opponent and performs his forward throw with added sound effects and/or looped animation, to make it look more brutal.

Sabrewulf: perform his lunge into his win animation but actually ripping on enemy instead of floor. I could not come out with anything fancy for him tbh. (potential candidate to not have ultimate?)

Sadira: wrap opponent in web and hang upside down, similarly to how some dude is hung on right side of her stage.

Kan Ra: use animations from Eyedol trailer, mix them with his win “soul-steal” animation but we see victim, and make him say something like “I grow stronger” or “Yess, more power!”.

Mira: scare opponent with herd of bats, then camera switches to first person view of victim, vision covered by bats, suddnly Mira approaches and bites his neck, lethally this time.

Kilgore: self destruct into opponent face with Predator-like sounds or sinister beeps.

Kim Wu: Liu Kang MK4 dragon fatality, OR Shao Kahn death in MK9 story mode (would be more real to be developed).

All I have for now.


Spinal summons a spectral skeleton arm that drags the enemy down into the portal Spinal spawns out of.


Spinal hits his opponent twice with his sword to launch them, summons a spectral hand to punch them even higher into the air (akin to his Ultra ender) then, on the way down he holds his shield above his head and power devours his entire opponent, with them being sucked into his shield in the same fashion as Kan-Ra’s stage Ultra, he does his trademark cackle for his outro pose. (Cause, what else would it be, right?)


I still love the idea of Spinal using his big skeletal arm to fling someone into orbit with a Team Rocket twinkle and a barrel of laughs.

Fulgore calling in some other units to do a Teamwork Beam would be pretty cool.

Hisako needs to do something spooky. Perhaps just scaring the opponent to death, or sending them to the afterlife to be judged.

Since TJ didn’t get the screen smash, Wulf could get it.

Wulf or Riptor could both make use of pouncing on the opponent, or launching them into the air, and then mauling them.

Gargos could use his portal to take the opponent into space before throwing them back to Earth to burn up in the atmosphere.

I’m sure there are other ideas out there.

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Spinal: Raise his sword up in the air and skulls drag down the victim to the dephts of… A bad place. Just use recycled animation of Hisako’s stage ultra.

Fulgore: Spams air eye laser 'til victim vaporizes. Turns into a pile of ash and its safe to implement see classic KI.

Cinder: Drop a shadow pyrobomb straight under the fit of the victim. The explosion create a fire column which toast it into ashes. PS.: Aganos stage ultra.

Riptor: anything involving her tail.

Fulgore-Giant Hype Beam

Cinder: giant bombs tirggerd by an inferno.

Cool ideas but none of them will ever happen, sorry.

And you know this how exactly?

I think Gargos’ needs to involve his minions.

I was disappointed that they weren’t part of his ultra, so having them spawn in and do some cool new animations to get the characters more personality would be epic.

One of the Ultimates you listed in this thread is pretty close. Which one? Mystery. :stuck_out_tongue:


If it’s mine, do I get a cookie? :blush:


And just like that another baseless assumption is put to rest.


Rukari - master of stoking the fire.

Wouldn’t surprise me if you because a speaker with how well you can twist people’s minds.

I’m personally hoping that Spinal’s is either:

  1. The skeletons’s dragging them into the ground while they scream/struggle and he is just cackling maniacally the whole time like Hisako’s Stage Ultra just with spectral skeletons and a whole lot of crazy laugh from Spinal.

OR 2. Spectral Skeletons hold them in place while he does his Power Devour to steal their soul (just seen as some energy being sucked out of them) while he stands there cackling maniacally the entite ultimate.

You can obviously see my priority in presentation here, lol. As always @rukizzel, sir you are the master of keeping us in suspense and hungry for more info. Kudos sir.

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I’ll give you more, too. There will be a new character out before another pack of Ultimates is released…or even revealed dun dun dun…


I knew it!!!

Hope it’s a female character

Haha dude awesome and harsh news at the same time considering how eager I am for all the above. So some of the conjecture that March will be a character and April may be Ultimates Pack2 may be potentially accurate. Only time will tell so we will eagerly… stay tuned, lol.

Forms ice out of his heads and his foe with left and right. Then he makes the ice bigger before he sandwiches his foe between them.

attacks her foe with her foot claws and pins them down her opponent before she lays down the killing blow. By breaking fire on them.

Those are two ideas I have

[quote=“rukizzel, post:15, topic:18802, full:true”]
I’ll give you more, too. There will be a new character out before another pack of Ultimates is released…or even revealed dun dun dun…
[/quote]Well that’s not saying much since you told us that the ultimates will be released through summer. Meaning that we probably won’t see the rest of them for at least 4-5 months, so the next character could still be two months or so away. lol

Oh damn I missed that bit of info. :cry: Well thanks for crushing my soul @xCrimsonLegendx, lol.